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Nightlife in Dodoma

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Nightlife in Dodoma can be as exciting and captivating as the loudest nightclubs in Dar es Salaam and Stone Town,Zanzibar. Dodoma’s nightlife options are unique and fun, and you could easily spend your evening at a laid-back swanky hotel bar in downtown Dodoma or one of the many seedy bars in town that play loud music. The choice is at your fingertips!

Downtown is the place to find the urban buzz and razzmatazz of the city. This is the place with the most options within an enclosed area. Little moving about means more chances to sit down and enjoy the town’s bars and restaurants. With a nice pair of jeans and sneakers, get ready to join other revellers and milling crowds in an endless binge drinking in some of the hottest bars in Dodoma, that include the following:

‍1. New Maisha Club

Located on Mtendeni Street, New Maisha Club is a favourite spot for many revellers in Dodoma. With a well-stocked bar,operated by a know-it-all barman, M-Tosh, and featuring one of the most extensive dance floors in this part of the country, this is the place to unwind after a busy working day. The club is a favourite spot for many office workers and business people in the city. They meet here to have a drink, a meal and to exchange the latest gossip.

‍2. Satur Night Bar

Satur is a night spot favoured by the young and upwardly mobile as it features a widescreen that streams premier football matches. During match days, it fills up quickly, and one can barely get the waiter’s attention.

Many customers are in a party mood after the matches and dancing is vigorous and goes on throughout the night.

‍3. Club 7 Dodoma

Club 7 Dodoma is a glitzy establishment favoured by the middle class, politicians and expatriate workers in town. With its showy decor, brilliant blue lights and smartly dressed waiters, their drinks and food are slightly pricey, but this does not reduce demand for their services going by the crowded tables each day of the week and packed weekends

4. Club Laaziz

A short walk from New Maisha Club is the Club Laaziz. With its loud music and bright lights, Club Laazis is a favoured joint for the young.

‍5. Acacia Bar and Restaurant

Acacia Bar and Restaurant is the place to go for the real fun seeker and night time owl as its one of the hottest and famous among the locals.