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Our Recommendations for the Perfect Week in Dar es salaam!

Dar Es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania, and is a great place to visit as it provides a unique insight into the lively and bustling urban life of the country. One can reach Dar Es Salaam via Julius Nyerere International Airport, which receives flights from all over the world. The vivid life of the city can help tourists learn about a different culture and heritage, and the top tourist locations can help visitors enjoy an enriching and extraordinary vacation. Here are our recommendations for the perfect week in Dar!


Day 1

Tourists can arrive at Julius Nyerere International Airport, which is located around 15km away from the city center. From here, they can take a taxi to their hotel so they can check in. Some top hotels in the city include Four Points by Sheraton, Hyatt Regency, White Sands Resort, Hotel Slipway, Johari Rotana, Oyster Bay Hotel, Iris Hotel, and Dar Es Salaam Serena Hotel.


After checking in, tourists can explore the city and enjoy its food. They can visit restaurants such as Samaki Samaki, Waterfront, Akemi Revolving Restaurant, Mamboz BBQ Grill, and Mediterraneo. They can also try street food which includes dishes such as biryani, samosa, Uji, Ugali and Nyama Choma, coconut bean soup, date nut bread, Chipsi Mayai, and Kuku Paka. They can also buy fresh fruits and vegetables from local vendors.


Day 2

On the second day, tourists can visit the Askari Monument which is a memorial for the Askari soldiers who supported the British army in the first world war. The bronze soldier points a rifle towards the harbor, and is accompanied by plaques with Arabic and Swahili inscription.


After this, they can go shopping to local malls such as Mlimani City mall or Aura Mall. Here, they can buy souvenirs and keepsakes for themselves, or visit international and local brands for clothes, electronics, and books. Mlimani City Shopping Mall also has a cinema where tourists can watch a film and relax. At Mkuki House, tourists can also enjoy games and bowling.


Day 3

Tourists can take a day trip to a nearby beach, such as Bongoyo Island, Coco Beach or Mbeya Beach. Bongoyo Island can be reached via a ferry from Slipway pier. Located 2.5km north of the city, the stunning island is a great place to visit as tourists can relax on the beach, snorkel among the marine life, or go for a swim. At Coco Beach, tourists can enjoy fresh and delicious seafood at the waterfront. At Mbudya Island, travelers can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, boat rides, and hiking.


Day 4

The National Museum of Tanzania is a must-see location in Dar Es Salaam. Here, tourists can see ancient coins and relics, artifacts from German and British rule, ancient Chinese pottery, a car that belonged to King George V, a sacred fig tree, prehistoric rock art, paintings of important figures such as Julius Nyerere, wood carvings, ancient hunting tools, and ethnographic collections on the cultures of Tanzania. Tourists can learn about the history and heritage of the region, and buy souvenirs from the gift shop!


Day 5

Tourists can explore the markets of the city and interact with the friendly locals. They can support the local economy by buying from small scale shops and businesses. At fish markets, they can join fish auctions and buy fresh seafood. At Mwenge WoodCarvers Market, they can watch as local artisans show their crafts, and skills such as wood carving, the making of bead jewelry, and sculpture making. Travelers can enjoy bargaining for lower prices, and buy local crafts as keepsakes and souvenirs.


Day 6

A great idea for day 6 is to visit Pugu Hills Forest Reserve, where tourists can spot amazing wildlife including giraffes, hyenas, elephants, galagos, jackals, baboons, impalas, warthogs, leopards, cheetahs, mongooses, and colobus monkeys. From here, travelers can trek up to attractions such as a cave that is sacred to the Zaramo people, and the bat caves which are home to Tanzanian wooly bats, horseshoe bats, and Hildegarde’s tom bats.


Day 7

On the last day, tourists can go to the Wet and Wild Water Park at Kunduchi where they can find children’s slides, water slides, a quad bike track, and go karts. They can eat at the restaurants, enjoy water sports, or swim in the pools! After an exciting day at the park, they can leave for their next location, as all amazing tourist locations in Tanzania are easily accessible by car from Dar Es Salaam. One can take a road trip to other cities and locations such as Kilwa, Tanga, Arusha, and Lake Manyara!