Route: Zanzibar to Dodoma

Dodoma is a custom-built city that doesn’t lack the authenticity of a political seat of Tanzania. It has imposing architectural structures around the grandiose street layouts. The government buildings come in sharp contrasts to other buildings in the city. The city may be calm and peaceful, but it boasts a variety of tourist attractions and fun activities. Dodoma Airport is the only airport serving the city and it’s situated in the center of the city. Getting to the airport is easy; you can take a taxi or pre-book a car service for airport pick up.

Distance and Flight Time

Most capital cities in Africa are built to impress visitors with their state-of-the-art facilities, and Dodoma didn’t disappoint in beauty and infrastructures. The total distance from Zanzibar to Dodoma is 382 kilometers and the average flight duration is 2-hour-and-25-minutes with As Salaam Air.

Not to Miss During Flights

Flying from the beautiful Zanzibar to Dodoma doesn’t just bring up imaginations but real experiences. Passengers can easily see the scenic beach landscapes of Zanzibar and remote towns and communities as they travel further to Dodoma. As Salaam Air conducts flights from Zanzibar to Dodoma with twin turbo-prop Embraer pressurised aircraft, ensuring the quickest flight on this route.

Airport & Layover Tips

The Dodoma Airport welcomes people who want to visit the capital city, with a runway of about 2.5 km at an elevation. When there is no flight departure or arrival, the airport is usually quiet and calm. For transfer from Dodoma Airport, you can pre-book your pickup transport or have someone wait for your arrival if it is your first time visiting Dodoma for business or pleasure. Dodoma has many exciting things to see. The Simba Hill or the Lion Rock has a great panoramic view of the city, and you can indulge in activities like hiking, trekking and group tours.