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Peaceful Retreat in Zanzibar, Tanzania

The heavenly Zanzibar archipelago is one of the most stunning locations in the world. The pristine beaches offer scenic views of crystalline waters, swaying palm leaves, white sands, colorful coral reefs, beautiful marine creatures, cloudy skies, and spectacular sunsets. Visitors can enjoy exciting activities and adventures such as scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, kiteboarding, quad bike rides, safaris, swimming, and boat rides! The island is perfect for activities such as cultural tours, spice tours, bird watching, sunbathing, or walking on the beach. After hours of exciting activities, tourists require accommodation that provides tranquility, so they can rest in comfort and luxury. Tourists should book hotels and retreats that provide them a serene, peaceful, and  calming environment.


On the gorgeous Nungwi beach, the Zanzibari is a boutique hotel that allows guests to enjoy stunning views from a balcony. Guests can look at the blue ocean and the lush greenery, which can help them connect with nature and feel at peace. The retreat offers private, well equipped rooms, with free Wi-Fi, and comfortable bedding. Guests have access to a pool, a bar that offers drinks and snacks, the Dhow restaurant, and a spa where they can get a variety of de-stressing treatments, skin care remedies, soothing massages, manicures, pedicures, and beauty treatments. Guests are able to take over the whole resort, and book it for their organized retreat, so they can relax in a private and breathtaking setting! Blissfully located on a private stretch of beach, this resort can host up to 22 guests, and manage all arrangements and facilities, including tours and activities! Visitors can learn yoga, meditation, and wellness treatments!


The 5 star Oasis Spa at the BlueBay Beach Resort allows guests to relax in a tranquil and exotic setting, as trained therapists provide skin care, natural remedies, and soothing massages. The Resort also has a jacuzzi and a pool, which allows guests to unwind and relax!


At Muyuni, the Sunshine Marine Lodge creates a relaxing and serene environment, as it offers views of the crystal clear water, colorful coral reefs, white sands, and the lush garden. The retreat has a yoga centre, a massage room, a bar, a restaurant, pools, and an on site diving centre, all of which are available to the guests so they can feel calm and stress-free!


The environmentally friendly Baraza Resort at the Bwejuu Beach provides luxury, and privacy. Guests can enjoy the scenic views of the sandy beach and vivid greenery, dine at the restaurants and bars, and get relaxing and soothing treatments at the Frangipani Spa, which provides a pool with underwater music, a Sultan’s bath, and an outdoor relaxation area!


A great private and exclusive retreat is Paradise Immersion, which only takes private groups of six, and provides them with utmost care and the best level of coaching, so they can practice yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. The expert trainers create a peaceful and supportive environment where they teach guests how to connect to their inner roots, practice Hatha Yoga and Yin yoga, and take part in nutrition workshops, juice therapy, and ancient sunset fire rituals! This unique and extraordinary experience allows guests to take care of their wellbeing.


Upendo is a great retreat, where well designed and airy rooms allow guests to rest and re-energize. The comfortable beds, ocean smells, pleasant weather, and soothing music, creates the calming environment that every tourist requires after days full of adventures and fun. The delicious and good quality food makes the entire experience even better!

TheSpot at Jambiani Beach is a private resort which provides spa and wellness treatments, such as body scrubs, manicures, body, foot, back, hand, and head massages, and pedicures. The retreat offers delicious Brazilian and Italian food, and provides guests with facilities such as free WiFi, outdoor pools, bars, and sun loungers!


Paje by Night Street is a gorgeous retreat that offers a pool, jacuzzi, comfortable rooms, delicious meals, and free WiFi. The friendly yoga instructors even offer consultation based on personal needs! At the peaceful and intimate Palms Private Villas, the Sanctuary spa offers refreshing treatments such as body, massages, facials, beauty treatments, and Thai and Balinese massages. Guests can practice yoga to revitalise and cleanse their mind, work out at the gym, or swim in the pool.


At the fascinating Chumbe, the Chumbe Island Yoga Retreat is a luxurious resort for those who wish to practice eco tourism, as it is  environmentally friendly and uses sustainable practices. The friendly staff is helpful and supportive, and when visitors are not practising yoga, trying the delicious food, or relaxing in the lounges, they can snorkel amongst the colorful coral reefs, and try to spot marine creatures such as sharks!