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Pemba Activities and Attractions 2018

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One undeniable reality about Pemba island that makes it such an attractive tourist destination is the fact that the island has remained virtually unknown to many people. Known as the ‘greenisland’ due to its lush vegetation and abundant spice farms, with just a few lodges and isolated resorts, the island is mainly visited by travellers keen to dive, snorkel and to explore the reefs and channels. And as curiosity remains a huge part of any tourist’s itinerary, there is a sense of satisfaction when it comes to discovering unbeaten tracks and places, and Pemba is no exception.

Pemba is surrounded by a delicate coral reef and pristine beaches. So, as you prepare for the trip of a lifetime to the islands of the Zanzibar archipelago off the Tanzanian coast, here are the Pemba activities and attractions for 2018.

1. Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

Of course, the on and under water activities top the bucket list. Pemba is one of the world’s top dive and snorkelling destinations. Its coral shelves reach deep under the water, providing both the learner and expert diver with great experiences. Sightings of large, colourful shoals of fish, soft and hard coral gardens, as well as large fish including barracuda, whales, and sharks. This is a spectacular playground for serious snorkelers and experienced divers.

2. Visit Misali Island

Hop into a boat and visit Misali island.This is part of the Pemba conservation projects, and it covers the entire island’s west coast. A small fee is required of all divers, beach goers, and snorkelers. But any hassle you undergo is handsomely rewarded by the crystal-clear waters and stunning coral reefs. You will experience the best diving in East Africa here.

3. Visit Chwaka Ruins

If you like to visit ruins and get to understand the history then you should visit Chwaka ruins. There are two sites here known as the Haruni site and the Mazrui site. Haruni has been dated back to the 11th century while the Mazrui tombs have been dated back to the 17th century. People who love their history tend to flock here.

4. The underwater room at Manta Resort

Suspended above an ocean floor, the underwater room is a sight to behold at Manta Resort. It is for booked residents only. Bathed in turquoise blue waters, watching reef fish and shoal swim by, it is a fantastic experience like no other in this part of the world.Your trip begins with a short boat ride to the underwater room. The room islocated approximately 260 meters from the shore, and you will arrive at the room accompanied by your boat captain and a waiter. They will show you the in sand outs of the underground room.

5. Tour the rainforest and spice farms

Visit Ngezi rainforest which is about 45 minutes’drive from Chake Chake city. This is a protected reserve that is home to hundreds of bird species. Check out the spice farms which grow cloves and other spices.

6. Visit Kidike Sanctuary

Between Chake Chake and Wete a small road branches off for about 2 km east and leads to the Kidike Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to various wildlife including foxes and giant bats. This is a great place for all nature lovers.

7. Vumawimbi Beach

Beautiful, secluded and safe, this beach is reached after a short drive from Mkoane Port. It is so secluded, you’ll have to ask the locals. Be sure to bring your supplies for your visit. Meet the locals,especially the children and enjoy this tranquil and idyllic place.