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Pemba Island – An Untouched Paradise

Pemba Island is a paradise getaway for tourists that want to get away from the crowds and relax on pristine and serene beaches. Although part of the Zanzibar Archipelago, this beautiful island is not as famous as Zanzibar. Not many people visit Pemba Island, even though the island has a unique and undefinable aura that will uplift and rejuvenate you beyond your imagination. Apart from the soft, sandy beaches and the clear blue waters, Pemba Island has many additional attractions to explore. Pemba Island is considered an untouched paradise because it is not as mainstream, making it more attractive to visit. 

Vumawimbi Beach

Pemba has some of the most beautiful beaches in the region, and Vumawimbi is the most iconic beach because of its picturesque beauty and size. The beach stretches from the Kigomasha Peninsula all the way to the Ngezi Forest Reserve. This beach is even more attractive because it is secluded, and you may not even find that many people here. Vumawimbi Beach is located a bit further from the main areas of Pemba Island and away from the accommodations, which is why not many tourists venture here. If you want to have a good, peaceful, and quiet time, this is the destination for you. 

Mkame Ndume Ruins

Mkame Ndume Ruins is perfect for you if you like history and visiting heritage sites. The Mkame Ndume Ruins symbolized the past of Pemba when it was under the leadership of the cruel Mohammed bin Abdul Rehman, and he was also known as Mkame Ndume. The ruins are also an architectural landmark that depicts the beautiful work of the inhabitants of the island. The remains of the landmark are a stone staircase, which connects the ruins to the ocean. The staircase stretches across one kilometer. 

Ngezi Forest Reserve

At one of the Vumawimbi Beach is the Ngezi Forest Reserve. The forest is the perfect place to take a nature walk, and it has two trails that you can trek with a guide to explore the wonders of this forest and the wildlife that resides within the densely packed forest. The forest is composed of double canopy trees with wines that monkeys use to swing. The Ngezi Forest Reserve is also a historical landmark, given that it’s the last remaining indigenous forest in the region. Apart from its beauty and heritage, the forest is massive, taking up most of the island’s land area (1,476 hectares). 


The two trails include the Joshi Trail (one-hour trek) and the Taufiki Trail (three to four-hour trek). You will come across various bird species on the Joshi trail, the rare Pemba flying foxes, and the red colobus monkey. On the Taufiki Trail, you will go through a village and on to the Vumawimbi Beach.  

Kidike Flying Fox Sanctuary

One of the unique things about Pemba is that it is home to the Pemba flying foxes, a rare and indigenous species of bats. The Kidike Flying Fox Sanctuary is home to over 4,000 bats. The giant bat species was given this name because their face resembles a fox. The average wingspan of a fully-grown flying fox is approximately 1.6 meters. If you love animals, you must visit the Sanctuary because you may not get another opportunity to see these beautiful creatures.  


Pemba is a beautiful, picturesque, and serene island that you must visit if you are in Tanzania. The beaches are quiet, calm, and the perfect paradise for those that want to get away from the crowds. Pemba is also a great and exciting place to explore. If you want to learn about more exciting places in Tanzania, you must read 15 Things You Must Do in Tanzania