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Pemba Island Excursions

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Looking for an escape for your next international vacation? Maybe you’ve been to the European cities that have interesting architecture or the mountains of North America. Have you ever considered trying something a little different? Like maybe an island, off the coast of the African continent?

If you’re up for something new and exciting, consider trying a trip to Pemba Island, a relatively secluded island on the eastern coast of Africa, part of the country of Tanzania. The weather is definitely tropical, but notably milder than the rest of the country connected to the continent. The wildlife, mainly the marine animals, flourish in this tropical climate, making for colourful, exciting scuba diving and snorkelling.

Ras Kigomasha is a lighthouse in the northern part of Pemba Island that is worth the quick trip to see it. The lighthouse is built of iron, not stone like the other structures on the island,and you can climb a few sets of stairs to the top for an excellent view of the natural beach landscape.

Fishing is common along the island’s coasts, making it one of the Swahili coast’s main activities. There are also many farms across the island that you can visit. Chake Chake harbour is available mainly for swimming and fishing, providing a safe and convenient point of enjoying the water.

The Manta Resort is one option for a place to stay during your relaxing trip. You can also stay in a slightly bigger“city” in the Chake Chake region. Be ready to surrender some conveniences for natural beauty. Something to remember as you embark – this island is not known for its five-star experience. You need to come to this island with the expectation that you will be secluded and your experience will be refreshing,but not full of the first class amenities other places may boast.

The friendly people from the area can help you find your way and make plans for enjoying the water and island life. With resorts like the Manta, your experience can be guided by locals, providing fora fuller journey. Locals recommend soaking up the sun in the soft sand for as much time as you can – refresh yourself as you disconnect from the technological world. The land of the island is fertile and full of clove farms,as well as coconut and mango trees.

There is a reason why Pemba is named the“Green Island,” and you’ll see it when you visit. The natural scenery is untouched by humanity for the most part, and if you love adventure without too many amenities, it’s perfect for you. We would definitely recommend hiring a local guide if there is something specific you’re looking for in your trip,like diving or visiting some natural spots. There is a ton of life below the water, and the sea in the area is full of coral and colourful fish. Take a boat trip if you’re not ready for actual underwater exploration – you can still see a lot from the surface because of the water’s clarity. Again, be sure to find someone from the area who can help you see the most that you can during your boat excursion.

If you choose to visit Pemba Island on your next vacation, be ready to disconnect from the stress you encounter every day.