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Plan Your Trip to East Africa in 10 Easy Steps

East Africa is a fantastic destination for a holiday. Whether going alone with friends, family, or on a romantic getaway, Africa offers a little of everything for everyone. As Salaam Air has ten easy steps to help plan your trip. 

Step 1 – Research

Do your research to understand better the region, culture, and what to expect. The research stage is not only to determine where to go, but it is also essential to learn about your destination. For example, Tanzania is deep-rooted in culture, and it is essential to understand a few concepts to interact with the locals. Take notes of everything you find.  

Step 2 – Location

After your research, you have sufficient information to decide where you want to go in East Africa. You have many excellent options. You can also plan a multi-country trip for the best experience. 

Step 3 – Budget

After you have selected your location, it is time to set your budget. If the budget is not a priority, you can skip this step. Otherwise, planning your trip around your budget will be necessary because the cost can go up quickly.  

Step 4 – Dates

Setting the date will be the next critical step. You can set the dates according to your budget as well. If you want a more budget-friendly trip, plan your off-season trip. However, if you want the best experience, it is best to go during peak season. But keep in mind, everything will be more expensive and crowded. The best time to visit is during the dry season. You should not travel between March and May during the rainy season. 

Step 5 – Itinerary

It is time to set the dates for each location you want to visit, the activities you want to participate in, and the areas you want to explore. Having a set itinerary may seem like you are planning everything; however, it is important to plan when travelling to East Africa. 

Step 6 – Booking Hotels & Flights

It is finally time to book your hotels and flights. The greatest thing about East Africa is you can book a diverse range of hotels, ranging from hostels to luxurious resorts. You can also go for all-inclusive packages by travel agents or book everything yourself. 

Step 7 – Vaccinations

Ensuring you have all your vaccinations in check is a critical step for your safety and your visa application. You may need to present certain vaccination records for the process. The most critical vaccinations include: 

  • COVID-19
  • Chickenpox
  • Polio
  • Shingles
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Malaria
  • Measles
  • Rabies

Step 8 – Visa

It is now time to apply for a visa. You can easily apply online for an eVisa depending on the country you want to visit. You can apply for a visa online for East Africa. 

Step 9 – Essentials

You will need to purchase essential items for your list. Some essentials may vary depending on the purpose of your trip. However, the most important things to purchase are: 

  • Sunscreen
  • DEET mosquito repellent
  • Medication/First Aid Kit
  • Sanitizers/Toiletries 
  • Hiking boots

Step 10 – Packing

You can find many helpful videos that will teach you how to save space and pack efficiently. 

Travelling to East Africa is an exciting moment in any person’s life. Planning your trip is just as engaging because you learn so many new things about East Africa. With careful planning, you can have the journey of your life. If unsure where to start your research, you can always check out our Tanzania Travel Guide.