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Romantic Getaways in Pemba Island

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Romantic Getaways in Pemba Island

For many couples from around the world, a good wedding, and a honeymoon is a dream come true. Few honeymoon destinations for a romantic getaway are as attractive as Pemba island.

This irresistible island is a must-visit for any newlywed for a magic beach break as well as lovely accommodation. The central city in Pemba, Chake Chake is a mere 120 kilometers from Zanzibar, and after your wedding ceremony is over, a flight to the island will only take about 25 minutes.

The best time to tie the knot and visit Pemba is from June to October as this is the ideal weather and rains are scarce. You can also visit from December to February to enjoy the cooler, but still warm, dry months immediately after spring. In this East African coastline, no place beats Pemba when it comes to a romantic getaway.

Tropical sunsets

With its warm azure waters, pristine white sandy beaches and cool breezes, Pemba provides a naturally luxurious and romantic experience for any honeymooner. While on your honeymoon you can always take breaks and visit superb attractions in neighbouring Zanzibar, which include incredible spots like Stone Town, House of Wonders and Forodhani Gardens.

Things to do in Pemba

Part of the romance of Pemba is the island itself. Secluded and less visited by tourists, and locally called “Green Island”, you will truly enjoy your time here. To spice up your love and make your holiday an unforgettable experience, here are things you can do in Pemba:

1. Go bird watching

With an estimated 200 species of birds, both indigenous and migratory, Pemba Island is known all over the world for its wildlife. If you like following migratory birds then check out the scops owl and the black heron. You can catch the birds with your lens if you venture out at dusk when the birds leave their nests to hunt for food.

2. Learn to dive and snorkel

While still on honeymoon mode you can still learn how to swim, dive and even snorkel. You may think that these fancy sounding sports are the exclusive domain of tourists and other well-heeled visitors. But with a good coach, something Pemba resorts happen to have in plenty, it’s possible to learn to swim, dive and snorkel to reasonable levels.

3. Staying in Fundu Lagoon

If you choose to have your honeymoon in Pemba, then be sure to pick the months when fewer people are around. Fundu lagoon is a favourite destination for many visitors. It is a privately owned hotel that can only be reached by air or private boat from Zanzibar. The resort boasts 18 specially constructed bungalows offering maximum privacy.

4. Manta Lodge

You can also opt to book residency at Manta Lodge. This resort is so hidden you can only see it the moment your boat touches the pier. The sea opens up to sandy white beaches dotted with mangrove which touches the nearby forest. Nestled deep inside is the Manta Lodge in its full magnificence.

5. New Sharouk Guesthouse

Dining at the Sharouk Guesthouse is a mouth-watering experience. You can have grilled fish, potatoes, sautéed spinach and meat samosas. You can wash it down with bongo juice that is extracted from local fruits grown on the island. Sharouk has Wifi so you can remain in touch with your loved ones at home.

6. The underwater room

The underwater room that forms part of the Manta resort has won accolades as a magnificent piece of building technology. This crown of luxury is a sunken sea room that forms part of an original floating structure. It comprises three levels: The landing deck, where you will be dropped off is the location of the lounge and bathroom. On the top floor, you will find beds and shades for relaxing during the day and for watching the stars at night.

Located underwater is the submariner room where you can watch fish glide by in clear transparent waters. Some fish species have even made their homes around the room.

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