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Sip hot coffee at the Must-Go Cafes of Tanzania

Sip hot coffee at the Must-Go Cafes of Tanzania

Tanzania is known for its bustling city life, beautiful architecture, scenic beaches in Zanzibar, historical and cultural hotspots, intricate safaris, and exotic wildlife. It offers everything any tourist can want in their trip, from relaxing days under the sun to adventurous safaris. Tourists can also indulge in fine local delicacies at unique and beautiful restaurants. However, what you may not know is that Tanzania is known for some of the best coffee in the world. It exports over 40,000 metric tons of coffee each year. Tanzanian coffee is an Arabica variant with a fruity and acidic taste with tart notes. 

Here are some of the must-go cafés in Tanzania where you can sip hot coffee. 

Union Café 

Union Café is situated in Moshi and is a local favorite. Union Café offers breakfast, brunch, and lunch and is mainly known for serving fantastic coffee. The coffee is sourced from the plantations in Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Zanzibar Coffee House

Zanzibar Coffee House is a cozy café with a rustic and intricately designed interior. The café is located at Mkunazini Street in Stone Town. It offers a varied menu of sandwiches, salads, baked goods, and other food items. It also sells various coffee, ranging from traditional hot lattes to unique local specialties. Apart from the intricate interior, great food, and fantastic coffee, the Zanzibar Coffee House provides a spectacular view of Stone Tone from its rooftop setting. It also has eight beautifully designed rooms if you’re interested in staying the night there.

Fifi’s Restaurant and Café

Fifi’s Restaurant and Café offers a fine-dining experience. Located in Arusha, Fifi’s offers an all-day menu, from breakfast to late-night dinner items, prepared and served delicately to provide a luxurious experience. The European menu has a range of dishes to try, including, but not limited to, crepes, French toast, burgers, and mac & cheese. They also offer local foods, such as samosas, skewered meat, and fish. Fifi’s is also known for its flavorful coffees as well. 

Café Aroma

Situated in Dar es Salaam, Café Aroma is another cozy, well-decorated, and popular café in Tanzania. The café serves a wide range of foods and beverages, including American and European favorites, such as waffles, sandwiches, milkshakes, cakes, omelets, bagels, wraps, burgers, and much more. They also sell various coffees and ranked the fourth-best place for coffee in Dar es Salaam. 

The Ridge Cafe

The Ridge Café is another well-known café in Dar es Salaam that offers take-away snacks, foods, and beverages. Some of their to-go items include samosas, cakes, cookies, wraps, salads, and other fresh snacks. The Ridge Café has some of the best coffee selections. 


Coffee enthusiasts will be glad to know Tanzanian cafes serve world-class coffees. Explore the cities and towns to find local hidden gems. If you want to learn more about Tanzania, read our Guide to Air Travel in Tanzania