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Slice of Paradise – Pemba Beach

Pemba Island is known as the Green Island, because it is home to breathtakingly beautiful plant life and has more lush vegetation than most other regions of East Africa. Here, tourists can find stunning flora and fauna, including rare and unique species such as the Pemba Aloe and the Pemba Palm. The scenic island is a slice of paradise on earth, as it offers a peaceful and serene getaway for visitors who wish to escape the crowds and the worries of daily life. Travelers can enjoy views of vivid greenery, white sands, swaying palm trees, and crystal clear water. Here are some must-see spots during a trip to this heavenly island. 

  • Chake Chake Bay

During a trip to Pemba Island, visitors can go to Chake Chake Bay, a deep indentation that stretches 5 km from north to south. The town is located on a hill from where tourists can enjoy a scenic view of the deep blue water, the beach, and the dhows. The town is the unofficial capital of the island and is home to most of Pemba’s government offices. Tourists can visit the fish market, or to the Chake town market which opened in 1904 and provides a cool insight into the region’s vibrant lifestyle! History lovers can also go to the walled city and Old Fort and learn about the rich heritage of the region!

  • Vumawimbi Beach

Tourists can go to Vumawimbi beach, a private and untouched stretch of white sand where visitors can enjoy the sweet smelling air or swim in the crystalline waters! This heavenly beach is serene and private as all hotels are located on the west side instead. 

  • Ras Mkumbuu ruins

History lovers and sightseeing enthusiasts can go to the Ras Mkumbuu Ruins, which date back to the 13th and 14th centuries. They include an 11th century mosque which is one of the largest ancient mosques in East Africa. Travelers can visit an old house that belonged to the chief, or spot several elaborate graves. The site is rarely crowded, so they can explore in peace and enjoy an enriching experience as they learn about local history!

  • Ngezi Forest Reserve

The lush green Ngezi Forest reserve is a bucket list location for nature lovers. Travelers can find several biomes, including tropical forest, riverine forest, and maquis shrubland. This is a top location for bird watching and animal viewing as the forest is home to owls, monkeys (notably the Pemba Vervet Monkey and the Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkey), Pemba flying fox (a local fruit bat), African goshawk, palm-nut vulture, malachite kingfisher, crowned hornbill, Pemba white-eye, green pigeon, and miniature antelopes.

  • Misali Beach

Misali Beach is a must-see spot in Pemba Island. Here, tourists can enjoy swimming, diving, or snorkeling. They can spot stunning coral reefs, and nesting sea turtles, or visit the inland caves which are believed to be inhabited by ancestral spirits!  While snorkeling or diving, one can spot whale sharks, seahorses, striped marlins, sea anemone, mako sharks, sailfish, tiger sharks, swordfish, crabs, spearfish, manta rays, lionfish, moray eels, urchins, and corals.

  • Kigomasha Peninsula

A tour in Pemba Island is incomplete with a trip to Kigomasha Peninsula! Built in 1904, the cast iron Ras Kigomasha lighthouse is still operational and is a must-see spot for tourists. Tourists can enjoy sightseeing, swimming, or diving during a visit to the Peninsula!

  • Baobab Beach

Baobab Beach is a scenic spot in Pemba Island. Here, tourists can enjoy diving, fishing, or relaxing on the beach. There are no permanent residents in this area but tourists might find local fishermen and other visitors. One can eat fresh seafood or enjoy the privacy.