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Spending a Day in Zanzibar

The gorgeous Zanzibar archipelago is the perfect destination for every traveller. The stunning island has pristine beaches, beautiful heritage sites, friendly locals, mouth watering cuisines, spectacular wildlife, rich culture and history, and diverse landscapes! Visitors can go on cultural tours, explore the region on car, foot, or even bikes, and enjoy exciting activities such as parasailing, kiteboarding, dhow trips, kayaking, scuba diving, kitesurfing, and snorkelling! In a day, tourists can have unique and extraordinary experiences that they may never forget!


For their day in Zanzibar, tourists must begin with Stone Town, the UNESCO World Heritage Site which provides an excellent insight into the current and historic lifestyles of Zanzibar. Travellers can explore the winding streets and old Arab houses. At the bustling Darajani market, they can buy souvenirs and handicrafts to support the local economy!


Tourists must visit the Old Fort, which was built by Omani Arabs in the late 17th Century! At the open air amphitheatre, visitors can see local shows and performances. Exploring the ruins with a guide can help us learn about the region’s history under Portugese and Arab rule. From here, one can easily get to the ancient Turkish baths. Nearby, the Palace Museum displays old artifacts and furniture, and historical paintings!


A trip to Zanzibar is incomplete without connecting to nature, so going to Jozani Forest is a must! Here, tourists can find the rare red colobus monkeys, as well as 50 various butterfly species and 40 species of birds. The tranquil destination has lush vegetation, diverse flora and fauna, and cascading waterfalls! Zanzibar Butterfly Centre is home to hundreds of butterfly species in their beautiful natural habitats.


From Stone Town, travellers can go to Prison Island to see the giant tortoises and explore the ancient ruins. Here, they can enjoy a dhow trip, or snorkel amongst the colorful corals. From here, tourists can travel to Forodhani Gardens, or Kidichi Spice Farm, for a spice tour, where they can taste, smell, and observe, different spices, and fruits, including clove, lemongrass, nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, jackfruit, coconuts, papaya, black pepper, garlic, ginger, vanilla, cardamom, cumin, and oranges.


Back in Stone Town, the best place to get dinner is the Forodhani Night Food Market which allows tourists to enjoy delicious local foods such as Zanzibar Pizza, Mtori (plantain soup), octopus curry, rice dishes such as pulao and biryani, Chipsi Mayai (potato fries with egg), ginger chai, sugarcane juice, chapati, shellfish, prawns, grilled kebabs, Urojo soup, Zanzibar tea, date nut bread, and coconut bean soup!


Tourists can also try the staple food, Ugali, which is a bread made with maize flour, and is eaten with a Swahili dish called Nyama Choma, a rich, tender barbecue of lamb, chicken, goat, or beef, marinated in lemon juice, turmeric, and curry powder, and roasted over hot coals! Other popular street foods are Kuku Paka (spicy curry), Mshikaki (meat skewers), Muhogo (a deep fried cassava), Mandazi (sweet doughnuts), and samosas (fried triangles with vegetables or minced chicken)! The local cuisine has Indian, Portugese, Turkish, Arabic, Swahili, African, German, and British influences!


Spending such an eventful day in Stone Town, Zanzibar can be a fun and unforgettable experience, with the travellers being able to see a beach, old ruins and artefacts, and the lively local life, all in one day, as well as getting the chance to taste the diverse and unique flavors of Zanzibar!