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Tailor Made Holidays in Dodoma

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A visit to Tanzania is usually never considers a tailor-made holiday in Dodoma, as the city is better known as a centre of Government administration – Tanzania’s capital. Situated in the southern highlands of the country, Dodoma is surrounded by lush, fertile soils and a superb climate for agriculture.

Both local and visiting travellers are attracted to the city as it boasts many interesting spots as well as a well-developed wine industry. A significant contributor to the city’s vibrant economy is the Tanganyika Vineyards Company.

For decades, Dodoma acted as a significant trade stopover on the mainland caravan routes that meandered from the coast towards Lake Tanganyika in the mainland. As the Tanzanian infrastructure took off a few decades after independence, a major rail line was constructed, and this made Dodoma a primary terminal for the collection of agriculture produce for transport to the port of Dar es Salaam. But as Dar es Salaam took off industrially, Dodoma fortunes appear to have dwindled, and today the city remains contented to be the seat of government, Bunge, and a few tourist attractions. So, if you’re looking for tailor-made holidays in Dodoma, here’s what stands out:

1. Hiking the Lion Rock

If you’re in the mood for an aggressive hike then climbing the lion rock is a good idea. This is one of the most visible landmarks in Dodoma, and a must visit while on holiday here. A climb to the top will leave you breathless but reward you with a fantastic view of the city. It was once a breeding place for lions before human encroachment chased the ions more in-depth into the game reserves.

2. Take a tour of the city

Here are places you may want to visit while on a trip to the town:

  • a. The Nyerere Museum
  • b. Gaddafi Mosque
  • c. Museum of Geosciences
  • d. The Anglican Church
  • e. The Lutheran Church
  • f. The Bunge Buildings
  • g. The Catholic church
  • h. JamatKhana Ismaili Mosque

Visit Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings

Kondoa Irangi rock paintings are synonymous with Dodoma. Located between Irangi Hills and Singida, the Kondoa Irangi paintings offers a unique attraction.

It hosts some of the world’s most stunning collection of prehistoric paintings with close to 2000 pictures covering a span of 200 locations. You can reach the spot quickly if you take the route from Kondoa town.

These are images of hunter-gatherers and agro-pastoralists tribes people who lived some 1500 years ago, and the area has been carved off as a Tanzania Heritage Site with special privileges and protection. The main attractions include:

  • 1 Symbols paintings
  • 2 Traditional ritual beliefs
  • 3 Decorated shelters.

Eating out in Dodoma

You can enjoy mouth-watering dishes in some of the best restaurants Dodoma has to offer. From Italian pizzas to pilau dishes and biryani and many other local recipes, you can spoil yourself from the rich array of agricultural produce that is abundantly grown locally. Visit Aladdin Cafe if you’re looking for a budget café to fill up before venturing out on a tour of the city, then this is the place to be.

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