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Tanzania Day Trips – Short Excursions To Explore

Once the coronavirus pandemic is over, travel lovers will be able to explore the world once again. One of the most beautiful and exciting tourist locations in East Africa is the stunning country of Tanzania, where visitors can spot a variety of exotic flora and fauna, explore a range of diverse landscapes, experience the rich culture of the region, and enjoy unforgettable and unique adventures and experiences. Here are some of the best day trips or excursions that tourists can choose for their vacation!


  1. Arusha National Park

A day trip to Arusha National Park allows tourists to enjoy the scenic views of lush vegetation, Mount Meru, glorious sunsets, and cascading waterfalls. Guests can spot wildlife such as monkeys, zebras, giraffes, elephants, flamingoes, and eagles!

  1. Tourists can enjoy canoeing at the peaceful and shallow Momella lake.
  2. The Chemeka Hot Springs are a glorious spot for a relaxing picnic.
  3. At the swampy Ngurdoto Crater, tourists can enjoy walking tours where they can spot animals such as hyenas, buffaloes, herons, and hornbills!
  4. Hiking and climbing at the active volcano called Mount Meru, the fifth highest mountain in Africa, is an exciting and amazing experience.


  1. Kilimanjaro

A trip to the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro is an essential element of any trip to Tanzania. At 5895m, this pristine spot is Africa’s highest peak. Tourists can take a day trip to explore the area, enjoy climbing and trekking, and spot exotic birds, buffaloes, monkeys, leopards, and elephants at the rainforest in the lower levels. Travellers can watch the lush greenery, wild animals, and enchanting sunsets, at the main peak, as well as the glorious Kibo, Shira, and Mawenzi volcanic cones.


  1. Tarangire National Park

Another amazing day trip spot is Tarangire National Park, where travellers can take a safari to enjoy game viewing and bird watching. The park is home to leopards, wild dogs, cheetahs, giraffes, elands, impalas, waterbucks, gazelles, mongooses, badgers, lions, monkeys, and baboons! Guests can spend their day witnessing the elephant migration, which is a unique and extraordinary experience.


  1. Olpopongi

For a unique and enriching experience, visitors can take a day trip to Olopongi, a Maasai village, where they can meet with the village Chief, enjoy a walking tour, interact with locals, taste delicious traditional food, and drinks such as chai, watch the glorious sunsets, enjoy traditional singing and dancing performances, and learn local skills such as hunting techniques, usage of local tools, and fire preparation!


  1. Pemba Island
    1. Ngezi Forest Reserve in the remote Pemba Island is home to kingfishers, hornbills, green pigeons, crowned vultures, African goshawks, vervet and colobus monkeys, Pemba flying fox, and owls. Tourists can spend a day exploring the tropical forest, shrubland, and riverine forest!
    2. The Ras Mkumbuu Ruins are a great day trip destination, as tourists can see an ancient mosque, and graves and houses from the 13th century!
    3. Surrounded by crystal waters and stunning coral reefs, Misali Island is a spectacular spot for diving and snorkelling. Visitors can spot nesting turtles, explore the sandy Baobab Beach, and see the caves which are believed to be inhabited by the spirits of ancestors!


  1. Zanzibar
    1. Jozani Forest offers a variety of breath taking flora and fauna, with the lush greenery of mahogany, eucalyptus, and mangrove trees, which are home to chameleons, bush pigs, monkeys, and 40 species of birds!
    2. The pristine Paje and Nungwi beaches are ideal for day trips, as tourists can enjoy exciting activities such as swimming, kiteboarding, boat rides, surfing, kayaking, and scuba diving, and spot amazing sea creatures such as moray eels, sea stars, manta rays, turtles, and pufferfish!
    3. During a day at Kizimkazi, visitors can swim with bottlenose and humpback dolphins and explore the magical Miza Miza Caves!
    4. At Mnemba Atoll, tourists can explore a stunning colorful coral reef!
    5. Guests can take a dhow trip to Prison Island, where they can see giant tortoises, explore ancient ruins, and learn about the history of Zanzibar.
    6. At Stone Town, guests can taste the street food, explore the winding streets, visit the markets, go to the museum, or see the Old Fort.


  1. Lake Victoria

Tourists can relax at the tranquil and stunning Lake Victoria, where they can spot mongooses, reedbucks, shrews, waterbucks, otters, and hippopotamus. The area is surrounded by gorgeous hills. The tourists can explore the city of Mwanza and go to Robert Kich Hill, the local Mwaloni and Maasai Markets, or the Old German Building!


  1. Spice Tour

As Tanzanian food contains a mix of spices such as cardamom, cumin, lemongrass, turmeric, cloves, pepper, ginger, garlic, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon, it is a great idea to spend a day at a spice tour, learning about spices and their uses, tasting and smelling them, and watching how they are grown. At plantations such as Tangawizi, Kindichi, and Kizimbani, tourists can enjoy amazing spice tours!


  1. Saadani National Park

Situated right on the Indian Ocean, Saadani National Park is home to lions, giraffes, elephants, warthogs, buffaloes, waterbucks, bushbucks, baboons, vervet monkeys, wildebeests, kudus, and elands. Tourists can spot these amazing creatures on the stunning beach, and during adventurous and fun filled game drives!


  1. Dar Es Salaam

A trip to the main city is a fun experience, as tourists can visit landmarks such as the Askari monument, go to museums and markets, and taste local street food.

  1. From there, tourists could take a day trip to Bongoyo Island, 2.5km north of the city, which can be reached via ferry from Slipway pier. Here, tourists can relax at the tranquil beach, feel close to nature, observe the greenery, take a cooling swim, and enjoy fresh seafood!
  2. Nearby, the Mbudya island is a great spot for snorkelling, sunbathing, hiking, swimming, boat rides, and tasting fresh seafood.