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The Lion Rock Travel Guide

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The Lion Rock is a hilly area on the outskirts of Dodoma City in central Tanzania that gives you an unparalleled view of the city from the northeast side of the region. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city. You can hike the rocky hill any time of the day and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the entire city of Dodoma.

A single hike lasts about 50 minutes to 1 hour.

How to reach Lion Rock:

There are many taxis (Dala Dalas) around Dodoma and touring the city’s surroundings,including Lion Rock, is easy. You can start at a place called Jamatini, or Saba Saba Bus stand. Other places include Mvumi and Mpwapwa. For trips to the hinter lands, you can board long distance buses near the Parliament buildings,but some bus companies also maintain their own stands.

You can also tour Lion Rock by bike. There are several places in Dodoma that rent out bikes for around Tshs. 5,000.

Kondoa Irangi Paintings

If your itinerary includes wildlife safaris, you can visit the city through Babati. You can make your tour operator to approach the city through Tarangire National Park so that you can pass through Kondoa Irangi, to view some magnificent paintings that form part of the UNESCO world heritage. The Kolo rock art paintings form an important historical tour of the visit.

Where to sleep

There are several places of varying quality and a proliferation of smaller budget hotels around the city. Here are some places that offer accommodation:

· CCT Hotel: near the roundabout. It has clean rooms and a self-contained toilet. They also offer breakfast including an excellent omelette.

· Saxon Guest House: Located at the corner of Tembe Avenue.They offer clean comfortable beds with mosquito nets. Its located near the bus station and rooms cost Tshs.10,000

· Shukrani: This is a nice but noisy hotel near the mosque where you’ll awake to the sung call to prayer.

· Nam hotel: This is an upscale hotel located near the airfield. Rooms are clean and have WiFi, satellite TV and good food.

· New Dodoma Hotel: This is located across the street from the railway station. Good quality rooms and excellent food. Rooms to for Tshs.50,000.

In the past there have been isolated reports of muggings in the area surrounding Lion Rock so visitors are advised not to bring any valuables with them and should hike in groups of at least 4 people.

Apart from Lion Rock you can also visit the Parliament Buildings which are a major attraction. It is considered to be an architectural marvel; however,photographing is strictly prohibited. Dodoma is also famous for its wine. There are many wine making companies nearby, you can go on a wine tasting tour there or just buy the wines and enjoy their taste. Another place you can visit is the Dodoma skate park and watch the youngsters practicing the game. If you like soccer you can watch kids playing in the soccer fields there.