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The Ultimate One Week Itinerary for Dar es Salaam

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]DAY ONE: BONGOYO ISLAND 

On the first day, tourists can go to the Bongoyo Island, which can be reached via a ferry from Slipway pier. Here, visitors can relax on the beach or enjoy activities such as snorkeling and swimming. Located 2.5km north of Dar Es Salaam, this beautiful island is perfect for a day trip. Guests can get fresh seafood for lunch and walk around the sandy beach. The greenery is lush, and the water is crystal clear, so this spot is ideal for nature lovers! Back in Dar es Salaam, the tourists can go to 305 Karafuu for dinner. This amazing restaurant is one of the top rated eateries in the city, and offers mouthwatering food, including dishes such as steak, prawns, lamb, beef, calamari, stuffed chicken, grilled potatoes, lobster, pasta, and grilled tuna! 


On day 2, tourists can plan a trip to Pugu Hills Forest Reserve, which is home to creatures such as galagos, jackals, baboons, elephants, impalas, giraffes, warthogs, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs, mongooses, colobuses, and pangolins. Visitors can trek to the main attractions which include the local cattle market, a cave that is sacred for the local Zaramo population, and the bat caves which house large colonies of species such as Tanzanian woolly bat, horseshoe bat, and HildegardeS tom bat. At sunset, these bats fly out in large numbers. Together with the Kazimzumbwi Forest, this reserve is one of the oldest forests in the world, so it is an excellent site to visit. For dinner, the visitors can go to the popular Addis in Dar Restaurant which has amazing food as well as a great atmosphere and ambience! For day 2, this top rated restaurant is perfect for having dinner.


A good idea for day 3 is to go to the Wet and Wild Water Park at Kunduchi. With water slides, childrenS slides, quad bike track, sports grounds, go karts, restaurants, and water sports, this 6 acre park has a lot of fun to offer! Visitors can also swim in the pools or relax in the sitting areas. The park is about 16km away from Dar Es Salaam so the car ride will take over 30 minutes. For dinner, tourists can try out the Mediterraneo restaurant which is top rated for food and service! The outdoor restaurant is beautiful and offers great foods such as pizzas, pastas, and seafood.


One of the four islands of Dar Es Salaam Marine Reserve, this island can be visited on day 4. This beautiful location is popular for day trips, as tourists can enjoy activities such as snorkelling, swimming, and hiking. Those who prefer not to exert too much can simply walk on the sandy shore, or relax by enjoying sunbathing. Guests can enjoy a fun boat ride, or delve into delicious fresh seafood! The water is crystal clear and so, swimming is a mesmerising experience! For dinner, guests can go to the popular Fire Restaurant, which has delicious food, good ambience, and friendly staff. The menu includes curry, naan, chapati, chips, chicken, and other cuisines. 


Learning about the history and heritage of the area is an essential element of any vacation. On day 5 in Dar Es Salaam, tourists can pay a visit to the National Museum of Tanzania. Established in 1934, it contains artefacts from the German and British rule, ancient Chinese pottery, a car that belonged to King George V, and ethnographic collections on the cultures of Tanzania. The museum is next to the botanical gardens, which should also be part of the plan for day 5. These gardens are one of the most calm and peaceful spots in the city. Guests can roam around and enjoy the lush greenery. They might be able to spot animals such as peacocks and hedgehogs. For day 5, tourists may try the mouth watering street food, which includes amazing treats such as deep fried cassava called Muhogo, a porridge called Uji, the shish kebab-like delight Mishkaki, the spicy curry Kuku Paka and the delicious doughnuts called Mandazi.


On day six, tourists can visit the Askari monument which is a memorial for the askari soldiers who fought for the British in World War I. The main statue called The Askari is a bronze soldier holding a rifle pointing towards the Dar Es Salaam harbour. The plaques have inscription in both Arabic and Swahili. Tourists can then go to Mlimani City mall, where they can enjoy shopping and buying souvenirs and keepsakes. The mall also has a cinema for visitors who would like to relax and watch a movie. The international and local brands offer electronics, accessories, clothes, and books. Tourists can eat at international fast food chains such as KFC, Subway and Pizza Hut.


On the last day, travellers should go to the beautiful Coco beach. 11km away from Dar Es Salaam, this stunning coastline has great restaurants and food stands for fresh and delicious local food, such as seafood and barbeque. Walking or jogging on the beach is a relaxing, stress relieving activity. Guests can also swim in the cool waters, or surf in the sea. Others may just lie back on the white sand and sunbathe. A nice, relaxing, and fun filled day at this beautiful beach can be a good way to end an unforgettable seven day trip to Dar Es Salaam![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]