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Things To Do & See In Tanzania With Kids

Tanzania is one of the most beautiful and amazing countries that a travel lover can visit. For people who are traveling with their family, this is the perfect tourist destination, as most locations are kid friendly and provide an unforgettable experience that the entire family can enjoy! Here are things to do and see in Tanzania if you are traveling with kids!


  1. Kunduchi Wet n Wild Water Park

Located in the lively and bustling Dar Es Salaam, Wet n Wild Water Park is a famous tourist spot for young tourists. At Kunduchi, this 6 acre park is a must-visit location if you’re traveling with kids, because here you can find water slides, children’s slides, sports grounds, go karts, a quad bike track, and pools for swimming! There are almost 30 water slides that kids can slide down to reach the pools, where they can play in the cool water. The safety of the kids is not compromised, as First Aid is always available at the park.


  1. Zanzibar Butterfly Center

In Zanzibar, one can visit the Butterfly Center, a unique exhibit that is great for children of all ages. Here, visitors can observe the stunning butterflies and learn about their species and cycles of life. Tourists can see newly hatched butterflies, and experts can guide them on how to handle them.


  1. Meserani Snake Park

Located near Arusha, Meserani Snake Park is a top rated location where kids and adults can have an exciting and enriching time. The park is home to beautiful and dangerous snakes such as the Green Mamba, African pythons, Puff Adder, Black Mamba, and Egyptian Cobra. Visitors can hold snakes, baby crocodiles, or wild tortoises, and learn about each species!


  1. Dodoma Skate Park

Tourists can take a trip to Dodoma Skate Park, which was built to create a safe and nurturing environment for local youth to engage in healthy activities. Here, tourists can enjoy skateboarding and watch 200 skateboarders show off their skills.


  1. Kigamboni Fun City

Tourists can also visit Fun City at Kigamboni in Dar Es Salaam. This is the largest amusement park and water park in all of East Africa! Kids can enjoy the swings, a ferris wheel, rotating wheel rides, plane rides, a zip line, bumper cars, a bull ride, go karts, a zip line, a merry go round, bungee jumping, and a free fall at the theme park! At the water park, there is an exclusive pool for children, while they’re parents can enjoy the wider pool. Tourists can enjoy the four slides joined together, or go down the fast spiral slides!


  1. Prison Island

Prison Island is located near Stone Town in Zanzibar. Tourists can take a dhow trip to the island, which will be enjoyable for both kids and adults. At the Island, the kids can explore the ruins while adults learn about the history of the slave trade, and the heritage of the region. The family can relax on the sandy beach, eat fresh seafood, or observe the giant tortoises!


  1. Bounce

Bounce on Nyerere Road in Dar Es Salaam is a great spot to visit, as kids can enjoy playing on the trampolines!


  1. Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park

In Zanzibar, one can visit the tranquil Jozani Forest and enjoy the views of the lush greenery. The park is home to 50 Butterfly species, over 40 bird species, and even rare red colobus monkeys.