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Tips For First-Time Travellers to Dar es salaam!

A vacation in Tanzania is incomplete without a trip to the lively and bustling city of Dar Es Salaam where tourists can explore the urban life of Tanzania, learn about the history and culture of the country, and interact with friendly locals. Here are some tips to guide first time travellers to Dar Es Salaam!


  1. How to Get there

Dar Es Salaam is easily accessible by car (for visitors already in the country) and via flight. Julius Nyerere International Airport is located 12 kilometres away from the city centre and receives flights from all over the world.


  1. Best things to do

Tourists can explore the city and visit its historic monuments and popular tourist spots. They should also try to support the local economy by visiting the markets and buying from vendors. They can visit Mwenge Woodcarvers Market where they can observe intricate tribal art, bead jewellery, Tinga Tinga paintings, sculptures, and wood carvings! street food such as biryani, Mandazi, Chipsi Mayai, Nyama Choma, samosa, Mshikaki, Kuku Paka, and Muhogo is a great idea, as it provides a unique insight into local cuisine and culture. One should try to use local transport as it gives an authentic experience of local life. Tourists can also go to top rated restaurants that offer cuisines from all over the world, such as Mamboz Corner BBQ, Karambezi Cafe, and, Samaki Samaki.


  1. Where to Stay

Travellers can receive excellent accommodation in Dar Es Salaam, that is both luxurious and comfortable. High end hotels and retreats include Hyatt Regency, Johari Rotana, Oyster Bay Hotel, and Dar Es Salaam Serena Hotel. If tourists are looking for more affordable and budget friendly options, they can stay at Four Points by Sheraton, Hotel Slipway, White Sands Resort, or Iris Hotel..


  1. Best places to visit

Dar Es Salaam is home to a number of amazing tourist spots. Travellers can go to the National Museum where they can find ancient relics and coins, fossil discoveries, old Tanzanian wood carvings, a sacred fig tree, prehistoric rock art, ancient Chinese pottery, antique cars that belonged to important persons such as King George, paintings of important figures such as President Julius Nyerere, and indigenous ebony masks! Tourists can visit the Askari Monument which stands as a memorial for the East African Askari soldiers who supported the British army in the World War. For nature lovers, a great place to visit is the serene and extraordinary Pugu Hills Forest Reserve, which is home to animals such as colobus monkeys, baboons, warthogs, jackals. cheetahs, leopards, giraffes, elephants, hyenas, mongooses, and impalas. Tourists can also visit the bat caves which are home to many species of bats, including Hildegarde’s tom bat, Tanzanian woolly bat, and horseshoe bat. Visitors can also take day trips to nearby beaches such as Coco Beach and Bongoyo Island where they can relax on the sandy beach, swim in the cool water, or enjoy fresh, delicious seafood.