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Top 10 Awesome Things to Do in Zanzibar

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Zanzibar is an amazing place. Here are 10 awesome things one should do when in the area.

  1. Ngome Kongwe: The Old Fort, known by many names, is in Stone Town and is the city’s oldest structure. It was built by the Omani Arabs after they forced out the Portuguese in 1699. The structure has also been used as a garrison and a prison. It is now the headquarters of the Zanzibar International Film Festival and includes an amphitheater for viewing all the latest films. It is located across the street from the Forodhani Gardens.
  2. Sultan’s Palace: This wonder was destroyed and rebuilt. It is one of the most important buildings in Stone Town and has a three-story façade with white walls. It was built to serve as the home of the Sultan’s family following the Zanzibar Revolution. In 1964, it was formally restored and became a palace for the family and a historical museum.
  3. The Spice Community Shop: This is also known by the name Darajani Market which is the main bazaar in the city of Stone Town. It is on Darajani Road and houses almost anything one needs. Most importantly, there are amazing spices for whatever one may wish to cook.
  4. The Anglican Cathedral: This is in Stone Town and belongs to the Anglican Church of Tanzania. The Church was built in seven years and was the vision of Edward Steere who was the third Anglican bishop of Zanzibar. The building was consecrated in 1903 and was known as the Canterbury Cathedral.
  5. Kidichi Spice Farms: This is an interesting place and will assist to ensure that one may learn all necessary information regarding spices. Here, one will learn about the medicinal use of plants as well as learning how they are harvested and farmed in Zanzibar.
  6. Hamamni Persian Baths: These are in the center of the city and were used as public baths in the city between 1870 and 1888. They were also built in the city center of Hamamni which is where they get their name. They were functional in some capacity until 1920. Now, one can take a historical walking tour and learn all about the baths.
  7. The Old Dispensary: This is one of the oldest buildings in the city and was built to serve as a dispensary in 1887. It is on the seafront and is on Mizingani Road. This is a beautiful location with an excellent restaurant if one desires to enjoy a wonderful meal in a historical location.
  8. The House of Wonders: The was one of six palaces built in the city by the sultan. It serves as the national history museum for the location. The Palace of Wonders is one of the largest and the most elaborate palaces ever built by a sultan. It is the largest that was built in Stone Town.
  9. Zanzibar Butterfly Center: This is a beautiful garden that is full of butterflies from all over the world. It is a great location to take in the beauty of the area as well as learn about all the local flora and fauna.
  10. Hurmzi Street: This is a great place to delight in some of the best shopping in all of Stone Town. There are all kinds of vendors here. Whatever one is looking for will be found with a quick walk down this street.