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Top 10 Beaches in Dar es Salaam

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When you are in the city, you want to ensure you get in a great holiday break. Tanzania has an amazing group of beaches and places that look like they are going to be out of a picture book. This is a place where people from all over the world flock and enjoy the beauty of the beaches. There are some in the city though and in the surrounding areas that will ensure that your breath is taken away.

There are amazing stretches of coastline and beaches that are going to guarantee some amazing experiences. Here are the 10 best beaches in the city of Dar es Salaam that you need to know about and ensure you never miss.

1. Mbezi Beach: This is located outside of the city around 20km north of the center of the city. This is along Bagamoyo Road. The beach is untouched and is a great place to enjoy the beauty. It is a place that is perfect for diving as well. There are many other art galleries as well that are around the beach for a luxurious accommodation if needed. This is one of the most different and unusual beaches in the area and it is a place that is enjoyed by anyone who comes here.

‍2.Coco Beach: This is a place that is always bursting with life and that is a great place to enjoy the beauty of life by the ocean. The sand is completely clean and it is on the east side of the Msasani peninsula and is a great place for tourists. It is also a great place for night life and for eating out.

3. South Beach: This is a beach that is also known as Kingamboni that is a great choice from many of the local people. It is gorgeous and has a white sand beach as well as clear water. This is a place that is perfect for swimming and also has many different hotels and places for you to enjoy the beauty of the beach. This beach is off of Kigaboni Road. If you love live music this is a great place to head to. There are many choices sold in all of the stalls of the beach.

‍4. Mbudya Island Beach: This is one of the cleanest and most untouched beaches in the entire country. The island is not a hidden secret to anyone local. Tourists though have no idea what exists there. You can head to the island by taking the 25-minute ride from the White Sands Beach Resort. Or you can get there by taking a 10-minute boat ride from The Slipway. This is one of those places that you will never tire of and will plan a return trip to as well. There are no restaurants or hotels here, but there are huts that you can rent called bandas. These are great locations to enjoy a meal and a drink.

‍5. Kipepeo Beach: This is an incredible location with beautiful water that always brings people back time and time again. This is 9km from the middle of the city and is a perfect place for anyone who wants to be relaxed. This beach really works magic on the stress level of people.

‍6. Kunduchi Beach: This is one of those locations that people never get tired of seeing. It is something that has captivates everyone. There is a huge selection of hotels and resorts all up and down the beach.

7. Mikadi Beach: The name Mikadi comes from the tree that lives along the entire coastline of Tanzania. This is a place that you want to enjoy a long weekend. There is a lodge as well that is perfect on the beach. In addition to that, there are amazing places to go with a swimming pool, a bar, and one of the best burger places you will every try in your life. This beach is well known for its mix of amazing experiences.

‍8. Amani Beach: This is a mainland beach that is often forgotten. This one is amazing and the local people know it. Both people from the area expats are aware of the beauty of the location and people come here as a weekend getaway. This is a location that has tons of hotels that are all around the area. Some of the most well known include Amani Beach Cottage and Ras Kutani. This is the perfect location to allow you to enjoy the beauty as well as the fun things to do everywhere. Mountain biking, horse riding, and swimming and snorkeling are just the tip of the iceberg.

9. Bahari Beach: This is in the top of the city and is a piece of paradise as you navigate up Bagamoyo Road. The beach has a huge choice of hotels and lodges. There are all kinds of options as well for water sports when you are ready. There is also a local fishing village ensuring fresh seafood anytime. This is a surfer’s paradise year-round and it is possible to get the best waves as well as a comfortable atmosphere.

10. Bongoyo Beach: This is a wonderful location to allow for the world to melt away. This is a marine conservation area with incredible beaches and many fun activities. It is easy to reach with a quick boat ride from the Slipway shopping center on the peninsula. Then you can enjoy the incredible beach completely undeveloped and head back to the mainland. The beach has a gorgeous view as well as great locations to snorkel and swim.