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Top 10 Best Dar es Salaam Tours

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Dar es Salaam is the biggest city in Tanzania; it is a business hub and tourist centre too. Dar es Salaam is the connecting airport for many people who visit Tanzania to take in the sights in Serengeti or to enjoy the cool waters of the Zanzibar archipelago. But Dar es Salaam is not just a connecting city, the city has a lot to offer for people who come a visiting. The top ten tours that you can undertake in Dar es Salaam in no particular order are:

  • 1. A tour of the Kariakoo market is a must for every visitor. Every visitor loves to shop, if not much at least for memorabilia and you will not be disillusioned at all in the Kariakoo market. In fact, watching Tanzanians shop is an experience in itself. The way they bargain is a lesson in buying things. If a book is ever written about how to bargain, it should contain a chapter about Kariakoo market and the way people bargain there. If you bargain you can get great deals here.
  • 2. Sea food abounds in Dar and if you love your sea food you should go to Dar es Salaam Fish Market. Auctions of fresh fish are conducted here and you will enjoy the way it is conducted. There are many eateries around the market where you can eat wonderful sea food prepared using the latest catch of fish.
  • 3. A tour of the Askari Monument is mandatory while in Dar es Salaam. The monument is a dedicated to the African soldiers who fought for the British in World War I. The Askari Monument is considered to be at the exact centre of Dar es Salaam.
  • 4. For the church goers there is an Azania Lutheran Church that was created by the German missionaries which you can visit.
  • 5. A tour of the National Museum is Dar es Salaam is a must. You should visit the Museum to have a look at the wonderful fossils on display along with other exhibits.
  • 6. For the beach lovers, there are many beaches in Dar es Salaam but the one that is almost always crowded and which the locals love is known as the Coco Beach. You can get very good street food here. If you like music then you should check this place out as concerts are conducted here frequently.
  • 7. A tour of Bongoyo Island is also suggested. Tourists love to visit the island and nap on the white sands or swim in the turquoise waters of the mighty Indian Ocean. Sea food in the island should be savoured.
  • 8. A tour of the Village Museum with friends and family will help you learn about the tribes of Tanzania and their way of life.
  • 9. If you like wooden souvenirs then you should take a tour of Mwenge Wood Carver’s Village. You get some wonderful wooden pieces carved by hand that you can take back as a memorabilia.
  • 10. A tour of the local restaurants and street food joints is also a must. You should learn how the people eat when you visit a new place and try new cuisine. The Nyama Choma is highly recommended as it is very tasty.