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Top 10 Hiking And Trekking Spots In East Africa

Top 10 Hiking And Trekking Spots In East Africa


East Africa is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world. If you are a travel lover, the gorgeous region should definitely be on your wish list. Enjoy exciting experiences and adventures while getting to see the most scenic views, and beautiful flora and fauna. An amazing idea is to go on a hiking or trekking trip, which can allow them to see gorgeous landscapes, have a fun adventure, and spot stunning wildlife. Here are the top 10 hiking and trekking spots in East Africa.

  • Mount Kilimanjaro

Standing at an elevation of 5869m, Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain. A paradise for trekking lovers, it offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the jagged peaks and lush green vegetation. The unique habitat is home to rare life forms such as Kilimanjaro tree, and elephant flower.


  • Mount Meru

Trekking to Mount Meru’s summit takes six days and may be challenging but tourists can enjoy a quiet trek without any crowds. Visitors can spot wildlife and feel close to nature, as they can find around 400 species of birds, monkeys and leopards. They can also enjoy scenic views of lush greenery and landscapes such as alpine meadows, moorlands, tropical rainforest, and the snow covered peak!

  • Simba Hill

Simba Hill, or Lion Rock is located in Dodoma, Tanzania’s political capital. Also known as Mlimwa, the hill is a great trekking spot that is perfect for beginners as it is short and easy. From the top, tourists can enjoy a nice aerial view of the vivid and bustling city and its gorgeous architecture.

  • Udzungwa Mountains

Also known as ‘the Galapagos of Africa,’ Udzungwa Mountains National Park is located in southern Tanzania. Here, tourists can find leopards, lions, elephants, red colobus monkeys, and wild dogs. There are trails across the vast park for hiking, and travellers can climb up to Mwanihana Peak or the scenic Sanje Waterfall, which can be reached within three hours and allows tourists to play in the pool, or spot monkeys, duikers, and squirrels.

  • Olmoti Crater 

Visit Olmoti near Ngorongoro Crater, where a short 40 minute hike can take you to an elevation of 2987m. You can enjoy scenic views of the vibrant river valley, and watch the wildebeests and zebras grazing in the distance. Visitors can climb the path up to the stunning Olmoti waterfall!

  • Ngong Hills 

Near Nairobi, Kenya, tourists can reach the Ngong Hills where they can trek through the village and climb up the undulating hills. After a few hours, they reach Kona Baridi where they can rest and enjoy the view.

  • Karura Forest

Karura forest is the perfect trekking spot for nature lovers. The hiking trails are located in a breathtaking marshland with lush greenery and stunning birdlife, and lead to a waterfall and some caves. The beauty of the area makes hikers get close to nature and escape the worries of daily life.

  • Nairobi Safari Walk

Inside Nairobi National Park, guests can trek up a trail that takes around 2 hours and crosses a wetland, a savanna grassland and woodlands. Tourists can spot crocodiles, zebras, and leopards on their way! 


  • Mount Longonot

Mount Longonot is a dormant volcano in Kenya that is an excellent spot for hiking. After trekking for around 4 hours, tourists can reach the summit. If they choose to explore the summit, it takes another 2 hours. The hike is enjoyable, and the trail is pristine, tranquil, and peaceful.

  • Mount Kenya

Travellers can take the trail at the Naro Moru gate of Mount Kenya National Park to hike through the forest. After around 2 hours, they reach the gorgeous Percival’s Bridge, after which the hike gets steep and they can spot colobus monkeys, buffaloes, elephants, and spectacular plantlife.