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Top 10 Mouthwatering Delicacies to try in East Africa

Traveling through food elevates the experience of visiting foreign locations and learning about the local culture. East Africa offers a variety of flavors and experiences that you must try. The top 10 mouthwatering delicacies to try in East Africa include: 


Ugali will be on the top of any food-related list for East Africa. It is a local delicacy and staple food in Kenya and Tanzania. The dish goes by many names, including fufu, vuswa, and many others; however, ugali is the most common. The dish has a round, dough-like appearance and is made using maize flour. Ugali can be eaten separately or can be dipped in a stew.  

Sukuma Wiki

Sukuma Wiki is an excellent dish to try with Ugali. Like kale, Sukuma is a vegetable that can be mixed with various other ingredients for a hearty and healthy meal. The most common variation includes onions, tomatoes, and a variety of spices.  


Samaki is the Swahili word for fish. Samaki is a specialty in Kenya, made using fresh Nile perch or Tilapia, which is grilled or fried. The fish are usually brought from Lake Victoria or Lake Naivasha. 


Githeri is another Kenyan specialty from the Kikuyu tribe. It is made using maize and beans and is usually cooked in a sufuria or pot. Although it may seem overly simplistic, the flavors Githeri provides are unique and tantalizing. The combination of spices, tomatoes, and onions is mouthwatering.  


Another specialty from the Kikuyu tribe, Mukimo, is a variation of mashed potatoes made with vegetables, corn, and beans. Mukimo is also served as a stew to be eaten with meat dishes, like nyama choma. 

Wali wa Kukaanga

Wal wa Kukaanga is another Kenyan delicacy made with rice. It is prepared using boiled rice, which is then fried with various vegetables and spices. It can be considered an African version of fried rice. 


Matoke is a unique dish made with unripe bananas. You will come across many variations of Matoke, but the most common dish is made with onions, tomatoes, beef, spices, coriander leaves, and several other ingredients. They can be served as a stew or as a side with a meat-based main course. 

Nyama Choma 

Nyama Choma is one of the most common and mouthwatering dishes you will find being sold at street food stalls and restaurants. Nyama Choma is slow-cooked barbequed meat. You can choose from various meats; beef or goat meat is the most common form of Nyama CHoma. The meat will be tender and juicy. 


Ndizi is another banana-based dish made with plantains. Ndizi is popular because it is readily available in many regions because of its simple ingredients and because plantains can be grown in many regions across Tanzania. 

Mchuzi Wa Samaki

Mchuzi Wa Samaki is a delicacy you will find in Zanzibar. It is made with fish cooked in various spices, lemon juice, and curry powder. The most common fish for this dish is the red snapper, sea bass, or cod.

East Africa is a colorful region steeped in culture and tradition. There are so many foods you can try and may fall in love with in the East African region. The delicacies are unique, flavorful, and spicy. Zanzibar, the spice island, is one of the leading suppliers of the most delicate spices used in many dishes you will find in East Africa. You can Travel To Zanzibar This Summer With As Salaam Air for an adventure of a lifetime.