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Top 10 Tanzania Travel Hacks For Budget Travellers Tips & Tricks

Tanzania is a great place to enjoy your next vacation. The destination offers many beautiful locations, sceneries, attractions, and activities that will blow your mind. Although Tanzania is a lovely place to visit, it can be costly to plan a trip. Many people shy away from making plans because of the costs involved in the journey. However, our top 10 Tanzania travel hacks for budget travelers will help you plan your perfect trip. 

Book Tours and Safaris on the Spot

Many people make the mistake of booking safaris and tours online and paying the required fees in advance. You can easily book these safaris in Tanzania for a fraction of the cost. You can save money by checking the prices of the different operators and selecting the one according to your budget. 


Bargaining is critical in Tanzania, and the locals expect it. Whether at a marketplace stall or trying to book a safari, you should always bargain for the best price. The locals will always quote a much higher price, so always start with an unreasonable low and work your way to the desired budget. 

Book in Groups

One way to reduce the costs of safaris is to book in groups. You can find people that want to go to the same destination. Booking the same jeep will reduce your cost significantly. 

Pack Your Essentials

Although it may seem obvious, you should pack essential items like medicine, insect repellents, and chargers. It will not only save you the hassle of finding these items on your trip, but it will save you money as some of these items can be expensive. 

Visit During the Off Season

Booking your vacation during the off-season will save you a great deal of money. Flights, hotels, and excursions are much cheaper because there are fewer tourists 

Book Your Tickets Early

Airline fares change constantly. However, they are usually cheaper, farther away from your travelling date. 

Maximize Your Time During the Weekdays

If you are spending weekends, book activities, tours, and safaris for weekdays and explore the city and marketplaces during the weekend. Traditionally, weekend rates are much higher than weekdays. You should plan your trip to maximize your time spent during the weekdays. 

Accommodation Strategy

Although you will be tempted to check into a resort or luxury hotel, keep in mind that you will spend most of your time exploring the city. Opt for budget-friendly hotels, hostels, or shared accommodations to save money. 

Eat Local Food

Eating local food is also part of the experience as much as it will help you save money. You should try the food at street stalls, local restaurants, and cafes. 

Public Transportation

It may be easier to hire private taxis, but it will cost money. Tanzania does have an excellent public transportation system. If you choose public transportation, it will add another layer to the travel experience. 

Tanzania is a fantastic destination, and you can do so on a budget. You should also Travel To Zanzibar This Summer With As Salaam Air while in Tanzania.