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Top 11 Fun Activities in Tanzania 2022

Tanzania is one of the most amazing tourist locations in the world. Located in East Africa, the country is a great vacation spot as it offers a range of experiences and activities that a traveler can enjoy. Visitors can relax on pristine beaches, explore vast safari parks, enjoy exciting water sports, shop at local marketplaces, learn about the culture and history of the region, and interact with people from all over the world. Here are some top rated fun activities that tourists can enjoy during their unique and unforgettable visit to Tanzania.


  1. Go on a Hot Air Balloon

At the Serengeti, tourists can enjoy a hot air balloon ride during which they can enjoy an aerial view of the stunning landscape, and spot the extraordinary wildlife of the park. The visitors can experience a unique bird’s eye view of the region, which is home to animals such as wildebeests, zebras, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, gazelles, lions, and antelopes! The experience is peaceful and exciting at once, so tourists can have a fun time.


  1. Enjoy a Quad Bike Tour

At locations such as Arusha and Karatu, visitors can enjoy an adventurous quad bike tour! The quad bikes are easy to ride, and tourists are provided with all necessary equipment. Travelers can ride through the river bed, lush forests, tribal villages, and off-road trails, experiencing the extraordinary beauty of Tanzania in an exhilarating and fun-filled way!


  1. Experience a Dhow Ride

Dhows are traditional boats used in East Africa. A ride can allow tourists to immerse themselves in the culture of the region, and enjoy the tranquility and scenic views as they sail across the ocean. Tourists can watch the sunset, or spot marine life such as dolphins.

  1. Go Scuba Diving

Scuba diving can be an extraordinary experience, as adventure seekers explore the stunning underwater world. Tourists can dive in the crystalline water and swim among the colorful coral reefs. They can spot beautiful fish and sea creatures such as spanish dancers, lionfish, damselfish, angelfish, barracudas, snappers, reef sharks, and groupers.


  1. Climb a Mountain

Mountain climbing and trekking can be a lot of fun. Although the experience may be challenging, tourists can have a great time as they explore nature. Tourists can climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Hanang, or Mount Meru, or go hiking at locations such as Olduvai Gorge, Ol Doinyo Lengai, Usambara Mountains, and Empakaai Crater.


  1. Visit a Amusement Park

Amusement parks in Tanzania offer a fun-filled experience for visitors of all ages. One can visit the 6 acre Kunduchi Wet n Wild in Dar Es Salaam, which has water slides, a quad bike track, sports grounds, go karts, and pools for tourists to enjoy! Fun City at Kigamboni has swings, rotating wheel rides, plane rides, a ferris wheel, a bull ride, a zip line, bumper cars, a merry go round, go karts, bungee jumping, and a free fall! One can also visit Dodoma Skate Park, which was built to create a safe and nurturing environment for the youth to engage in sports, and is now home to over 200 skate-boarders,


  1. Enjoy a Canoe Safari

At  Arusha National Park, Lake Duluti, and Lake Manyara National Park, tourists can enjoy a canoe safari. Tourists can enjoy game viewing and wildlife watching while canoeing across the serene river. From Momella Lakes in Arusha, tourists can spot buffaloes, hippos, bushbuck, and giraffes. Bird watching is excellent at Lake Manyara, where one can spot flamingoes, pigeons, spurfowl, geese, guineafowl, storks, bustards, turacos, pelicans, doves, coucals, herons, egrets, lapwings, ospreys, eagles, owls, and hornbills.


  1. Shop at a Marketplace

Tourists can enjoy buying from local marketplaces, where they can witness the lively and bustling life of the region, interact with locals, and bargain for lower prices. Tourists can watch local craftsmen and artisans as they demonstrate their skills, and buy from them to support the local economy. At Forodhani Night Food Market, they can enjoy street food such as Ugali, Nyama Choma, Kuku Paka, biryani, Mshikaki, and Mandazi. At Darajani Market, tourists can join a fish auction and buy fresh seafood. At Mwenge Woodcarvers market, they can witness extraordinary local skills and crafts such as jewelry making,


  1. Visit a Local Village

A cultural tour can be an interesting and enriching experience as tourists can learn about history, local rituals, and cultural differences. They can also watch tribal performances of singing, dancing, and storytelling, and speak with elders from indigenous groups. A tour to villages such as Matemwe, Jambiani, and Makangale, is an unforgettable experience.


  1. Explore Ancient Ruins

Kilwa Kisiwani is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where tourists can explore the ruins of Swahili architecture. They can visit the 15th-century Great Mosque, which was the largest mosque in the region, and has the unique Dome known as the Kilwa Chronicle. The area was a medieval trade city in the 9th century and a trading port in the 15th century.


  1. Enjoy a Safari

Tanzania is home to some of the most amazing safari parks in the world. Tourists can go to the Serengeti, Selous Game Reserve, Ngorongoro Crater, Arusha National Park. Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, and Ruaha National Park, and watch the stunning flora and fauna. They can enjoy walking tours, bike tours, and game drives.