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Top 5 Amazing Places For Your Adventurous Vacay- Tanzania Safari




This beautiful park is home to 3500 lions and 518 identified bird species. With the highest population of large mammals in the world, it is home to elephants, cheetahs, giraffes, buffaloes, hippopotamus, and rhinoceros, and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Visitors explore the stunning location with walking safaris, game safaris, and even hot air balloon rides which allow them to glide over the 1.5 million hectare savannah and experience the landscape from a different perspective. Balloon safaris are unique and memorable and the Serengeti is the best place for this experience as visitors can see the wildlife and landscape from a stunning bird’s eye view! The Serengeti is home to one of the earth’s natural wonders, the Great Migration. Watch as close to 2 million wildebeest, zebra, antelope and their predators follow the rains in their circle of life, providing awe inspiring and dramatic sights.




An adventurous vacation in Tanzania is incomplete without a visit to Arusha, the stunning national park which is home to a variety of animals including the Big Five i.e. leopards, lions, elephants, rhinoceros, and buffaloes, as well as zebras, giraffes, and exotic birds such as woodpeckers and flamingoes. With a spectacular view of Mount Meru and grassy plains, this site is ideal for those who wish to enjoy raw natural beauty. Other than a regular safari tour, visitors can alternatively opt for an unforgettable cycling tour which allows tourists to explore the foothills and grassland in a unique way! Cyclists also pass through small valleys and Maasai homesteads, making this adventurous experience even more special! Cycling tours allow guests to be fit and active while also being able to explore the region and experience the beauty of the stunning landscapes and amazing wildlife!




For an adventurous vacation, the breathtaking island of Zanzibar is the ideal spot for those who want scenic views, excellent wildlife viewing, mouth watering food, and fun filled activities. Tourists can immerse themselves in the unique swahili culture, observe the exotic flora and fauna, or relax on gorgeous beaches such as Nungwi, Kendwa, Pongwe, Mnemba, Tumbatu, Paje, Dongwe, Matemwe, and Kizimkazi. Here, they can swim in the crystalline waters, play with dolphins, observe species of fish and turtles, or partake in exciting activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing, and parasailing. Away from the coastline, visitors can book a cycling tour, visit historical areas, and explore Stone Town. A great idea is to enjoy a quad bike tour. At locations such as Kiwengwa, visitors can enjoy a bike tour where they ride through lush forests, plantations, local villages, and sandy beaches, and on off-road trails, seeing the extraordinary beauty of Zanzibar on the way! Quad biking is fun, and a once in a lifetime experience!




Lake Manyara is considered the Crown Jewel in TanzaniaS lake system and is popular for its beauty and exotic flora and fauna. It is home to many species of fish, especially catfish and tilapia, and over 400 species of birds including pelicans, hornbills, crowned eagles, guinea fowl, egrets, and storks. One of the best features of the lake is the thousands of pink flamingos surrounding it. Animal lovers might also enjoy spotting and observing exotic creatures, such as rodents, lizards, and colorful snakes. Visitors may enjoy mountain bike tours, or choose to have an experience such as trekking or camping. A great option is to have a walking tour, which allows them to explore the area on foot, observing the flora and fauna, taking pictures, walking amongst the jade trees, and talking to and dancing with the local Maasai people! A walking tour at Manyara is a great idea!


Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most mesmerising locations in Tanzania. A paradise for trekking lovers, this mountain rises up to 5869km! Adventure seekers are rewarded with breathtakingly beautiful views of the jagged peaks and green vegetation. The mountain has retained its raw, wild, natural beauty as there are no roads, but only trails that lead to the summit. The snow covered peak is surrounded by the green forest, as well as the dry savannah, allowing visitors to experience a range of climate zones in one trip. This unique habitat is home to many rare life forms; such as the Kilimanjaro tree, and the delicate elephant flower. An interesting idea is to book a horseback safari, where tourists can ride a horse and explore this pristine location! With the help of trained guides, tourists can enjoy the area in a unique and unforgettable way, and make their safari even more special![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]