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Top 5 Delicious Zanzibar Foods You Must Try!

Zanzibar is a vibrant and magical island with a unique atmosphere. You can get lost in Zanzibar and would not care about finding your way. The island has many breathtaking beaches, beautiful towns, and wonderful places to visit. Zanzibar is also steeped in tradition and cultural influences. One of the best ways to learn and discover these cultures is through Zanzibar’s unique and tantalizing foods. The top 5 delicious Zanzibar foods you must try include the following: 

Zanzibar Pizza

Pizza is something that you can eat anywhere. Everyone has tried the wide varieties from fine-dining, brick-oven pizzas to traditional pan pizzas. You can also find pizzas at many restaurants in your home country because it is a typical dish loved worldwide. However, you will not find the Zanzibar Pizza anywhere else. 

Although it does not resemble anything like a pizza, the Zanzibar has become one of the most famous delicacies of the region. The pan-fried, crispy snack is made with unleavened dough and various ingredients stuffed with cheese. You can easily find this many street vendors. 

Chipsi Mayai

Chipsi Mayai is a flavorful street snack you can grab on the go. It is essentially French fries combined with an omelet. You can also customize your omelet and enjoy the dish the way you prefer your eggs. The dish originated in Dar-es-Salaam and has become the most common snack in Tanzania. The snack is traditionally served with a local salad called Kachumbari or chili sauce. 


Like the pizza, Zanzibar has its version of doughnuts as well. Mandazi is a triangular deep-fried dough ball made with or without cardamom. You can find mandazi stalls throughout Stone Town. It is the perfect sweet snack to fulfill your sweet tooth cravings. You can enjoy Mandazi with tea or a cup of perfectly brewed Zanzibar coffee. You can also always dip these doughnut balls in cream and other dips. Apart from sweet additions, you can even eat Mandazi with curries. 


Zanzibar is known for its street food stalls that serve mouthwatering, juicy, and delicious barbecues. Mishkaki is skewered beef that is slowly cooked over an open fire. These tantalizing, succulent skewers will keep you wanting more. You can try it at different restaurants or street food stalls as well. 

Zanzibar Spice Cake

The spice cake is a traditional tea cake made with a blend of local spices, including cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and chocolate. The delicious cakes are a great snack and provide a punch of flavors during tea time. 

Food is a fantastic way to experience culture and truly experience the magic of traveling. You can learn many new things about a destination simply by indulging in the different flavors and variety of foods they offer. Zanzibar has many unique and delicious dishes you can try to enjoy during your culinary excursion while developing a better understanding of the local traditions. After completing your Zanzibar trip, you can learn about different cities to explore in our Guide to Air Travel in Tanzania.