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Top 5 French Restaurants in Zanzibar

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Fine French food on the shores of Zanzibar is more than a tradition, it is an institution. There are restaurants that will allow you to fill your pockets and your belly either on a budget or when you are ready to spend a king’s ransom.

Here are the top five French restaurants you must experience in Zanzibar.

‍1. Le Macis: This is a lovely restaurant that is located in a tropical garden in the Atii Bungalows. The owner of the restaurant is an international traveler and has added many tastes from his travels all around the world. The food on the menu is affordable with most meals ranging from 5.00 to 20.00 per plate USD and large portions. The menu includes vegan selections and dishes from fish to chicken. The owner has a penchant for adding in many of the local flavors and has procured fresh ingredients from the local markets to add a level of elegance only found in French cooking as well as a freshness that can only be found in the local Zanzibar fare. The restaurant is open for lunch as well as for dinner and offers outdoor seating as well as a full bar.

‍2. The Beach House: This is a location that serves international fare and amazing French cuisine. Although it is not an exclusively French restaurant it had to make the list as a location with exceptional French options. This is one of those locations that looks like it came right out of a travel book. The restaurant is in Stone Town and faces the sunset in the evening. The price ranges here are from 8.00-30.00 per person USD. It is a location that is perfect for drinks, dinner, and lunch. The restaurant offers an outdoor bar, outdoor seating, traditional Zanzibar music, and excellent table service.

‍3. Restaurant Paris to Zanzibar: This is a location where you can enjoy the beauty of the water from the upstairs dining room and almost imagine that you are in Paris. The beauty of this location is the elegant French traditional fare with affordable pricing. The price ranges per person are around 10.00 to 30.00 per person for the food. The restaurant has excellent table service and offers an excellent selection of French wine to ensure that your experience is one of par excel lance.

4. Bounty Beach Restaurant: This is a restaurant that focuses on the local fare of the area to create an authentic Zanzibar experience for the diner. This location has an international flavor with its French and international flare and also remains a great place for a quick bite. The restaurant maintains the vacation feeling and ensures an amazing meal. The staff has over 30 years of experience in the business and it is a great selection for you to enjoy all of the options on the menu. The menu ranges from 5.00 to 30.00 per person and offers many different choices on the menu. Open for lunch and for dinner, there is always something fun going on here.

‍5. Flavours Caffe: This is downtown and an excellent location for a quick bite. The Caffe serves French breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. If you are looking for coffee or for just a snack, you will find things in your price range as well as in your dietary needs. The range for this place is about 5.00 to 10.00 per plate.

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