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Top 5 Instagram-Worthy Tropical Destinations in East Africa To Explore in 2023

Instagram has become a strange obsession for the current generation. Finding that perfect Instagram-worthy picture has become part of the experience, whether it is a picture of a perfectly plated steak or an image with a beautiful backdrop. Many people also find it rewarding to get pictures while on their vacation. East Africa is the perfect place to roam to find that perfect shot for your Instagram feed. The top 5 Instagram-worthy tropical destinations in East Africa to explore in 2023 include the following: 

Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is the tropical island that many people call paradise. The island is home to the finest beaches in the world, with beautiful views of the Indian Ocean fading into the horizon. Although you will find many Instagram-worthy pictures throughout the island, the mesmerizing colors and beautiful architecture in Stone Town may probably be the best place to start. The streets, vibe, and inspirational buildings provide perfect backdrops to take beautiful pictures and liven up your Instagram feed. 

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

Have you ever wanted to take a selfie with a giraffe? Giraffe Manor may be the best way to make that dream come true. This beautiful hotel has a backyard in Nairobi where giraffes roam freely. You may be having a delicious breakfast on your room’s balcony, only to be greeted by a giraffe passing by. That is a remarkable experience; you can get the perfect picture to make your Instagram followers explode. 

Lake Manyara, Tanzania

Pink flamingos are beautiful, picturesque animals. They are graceful, and elegant, and their pink shades make for one fine picture. Imagine a lake scattered with pink flamingos. Lake Manyara is that place. The breathtaking views and scenic backdrop make for the perfect Instagram picture. You can also take wonderful pictures of the animals drinking from the lake. 

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a non-profit organization that provides a place for orphaned rhinos and other animals. The organization promotes environmental conservation and animal rights protection. It is a step towards preserving the lives of endangered species and keeping animals away from poachers. The Trust is also perfect for tourists to interact with these animals. To adore your Instagram fans, you can also capture amazing pictures with baby rhinos. 

Mafia Island, Tanzania

Mafia Island is one of the best places for tourists to escape the busy beaches of other more familiar places. Many beaches in Zanzibar tend to get overcrowded, and it can become difficult to enjoy the moment, let alone take Instagram-worthy pictures. Mafia Island is peaceful and will provide you with plenty of opportunities to take mesmerizing photos of the horizon. If you have the equipment, you can always dive into the water and take stunning Instagram-worthy pictures of the coral reef. Mafia Island is known as a paradise for divers. 

East Africa has many spectacular destinations to take beautiful pictures. Zanzibar is one of the most picturesque islands in the region. You should Travel To Zanzibar This Summer With As Salaam Air