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Top 5 Reasons For Vacations Visit To Pemba

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Pemba is a wonderful island that is emerald green and around 75 kilometres from Zanzibar. It was known as ‘El Huthera’, by the sailors from Oman. El Huthera means Green and conveys the colour of the island. Pemba Island also has some very green forests and hills but is totally unspoiled and you will love it. Reaching Pemba is easy as there are many cheap flights to Pemba Island.

    • 1. Pemba has maintained the charm even though technology has reached every part of this world. This is due to the fact that the local people are very content; they are happy fishing and farming, which they have been doing for centuries. This is a very sustainable form of living and everyone should try to incorporate this simple form of living in this world. The beaches in Pemba are pristine with white sand and the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean beckons you to enjoy a swim. You can just idle on the sand bathing in the sun or go for dips in the water.
    • 2. While at Pemba you should visit the Underwater Room at Manta Reef. If you love marine creatures and wish to watch them then this is the best option. The underwater room is around 300 meters from the beach in the Indian Ocean. It is a floating room with the topmost level that is open; you can lie and watch the sky or bathe in the sun. The middle level is ideal for lounging and the bottom level is a bedroom with windows that will allow you to watch the marine creatures like octopus, squids, batfish, trumpet fish etc.
    • 3. If you are on your honeymoon then Pemba is one of the best places in the planet. For a romantic escape you should visit Fundu Lagoon. It is near the tropical forests in the southwest side of Pemba Island. It is a wonderful resort where you can enjoy the cool waters of the ocean or enjoy a dip in the pool. The pool bar is wonderful to sip drinks and lounge your time. You can also enjoy the wonderful sunset that turns the waters golden.
    • 4. If you like scuba diving and snorkelling then Pemba is one of the most sought after destinations. The temperature is ideal for the proliferation of coral and the reefs are great for marine life. Divers can go up to 40 meters as the clear waters permit visibility. There are many fishes, manta rays, starfish, shrimps, sea horses, turtles and much more which you can view in their natural habitat.
    • 5. Visit the Ngezi forest where you can view the red colobus monkey, the Vervet monkeys, sunbirds etc. The trek through the forest is a wonderful trek and many people love to just trek in the forest.