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Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in Dar Es Salaam

Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in Dar Es Salaam


A visit to Dar Es Salaam can be an exciting and unforgettable experience. The bustling city offers an insight into a lively culture and beautiful lifestyle and allows tourists to enjoy mouthwatering local food that is influenced by Arabic, Turkish, Indian, Portugese, and Swahili cuisines. Some tourists, however, do not wish to consume all sorts of popular dishes. If you are a vegan, you need not worry as this stunning city offers many different eating options that suit all sorts of eating habits, including vegetarianism and veganism. Veganism has increasingly gained popularity across the globe, and as a number of people have adopted this habit of abstaining from animal products in their diet, the need for vegan restaurants has arisen. Here are the top 5 restaurants in Dar Es Salaam, where you can find delicious vegan food, and excellent service!


  1. Mlima Sayuni Art and Vegetarian Restaurant

Mlima Sayuni Art and Vegetarian Restaurant is a hidden gem in Kigamboni, Dar Es Salaam. This interesting eatery was opened in 2018 and offers fresh and organic food which you can also watch being cooked. It offers many vegan options such as freshly squeezed fruit juice, vegan cakes, beans, and salads!


  1. Kind Earth Eatery

Kind Earth Eatery is a Jamaican-influenced vegetarian restaurant at Kahama Road, Masaki, Dar Es Salaam. 80% of the dishes on the menu are either vegan or can easily be made vegan. The staff is kind and helpful, and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming for visitors. Popular dishes include vegan burgers, passionfruit cake, cassava cakes, fried plantain, pumpkin soup, lean green soup, lentil rice, and coconut curry with peas and tofu. The restaurant uses cashew nut cheese as a vegan alternative to dairy, and provides vegan versions of popular dishes such as burgers and cheesecakes. Visitors can enjoy the fresh, flavorful food and drink delicious smoothies and fresh fruit juices! The eatery has two separate kitchens for vegetarian food, and Jamaican dishes.

Coconut Curry 


  1. Epi D’Or

While Epi D’or is not an exclusively vegan or vegetarian restaurant, it offers many options that can suit your diet requirements. You can enjoy a falafel wrap, fresh fruit juices, delicious bread, vegan salads such as Fattoush and Tabbouleh, hummus, zaatar pizza without cheese, beans, lentils with rice, and even vegan cakes! The staff is helpful and accommodating, and the food is full of flavor. Vegetarians can also enjoy delicious options such as vegetarian pizza.



  1. Veranda Tapas Bar

Veranda Tapas Bar is a great restaurant for vegans, as it has clearly indicated its vegan options, there are separate kitchens for vegetarian food and meat based dishes, and the staff members understand the dietary requirements and restrictions of veganism. There are many dishes that can be adjusted for you, and the staff can also provide a separate vegan menu if requested. You can enjoy dishes such as mango rice, salads, falafel, vegetable rolls, and veggie tacos, and drinks such as fresh fruit juices and mango and mint cocktails. The Mexican-European flavors are exquisite, and the experience is perfect because of the relaxed atmosphere and excellent service.

Falafel and Salad

  1. Chappan Bhog

At Kisutu Street, Chappan Bhog is one of the best vegan friendly eateries in the city centre. The restaurant offers Indian vegetarian dishes such as Thalis, chaats, Paratha (Indian flatbread), vegan dosas, curry, rice, dhokla (chickpea cakes), and masala dosa (which does not use ghee). The restaurant is not very expensive, the staff can help adjust dishes for your vegan diet, and the service is quick, so this affordable option is considered a top vegan eatery in the city.