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Top Places to Visit in Dodoma, Tanzania

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Top Places to Visit in Dodoma, Tanzania

Situated in Tanzania’ heartland, Dodoma is the nation’s seat of government and political capital. Economically and commercially, it is less vibrant and developed than the country’s port city and commercial nerve, Dar es Salaam. But what Dodoma lacks in glitz and glamour it perhaps compensates with its rich agricultural highlands and has many places of interest for any passing visitor. It is also the centre of Tanzania’s wine growing industry.

Getting around Dodoma is quite easy as it is well-served by a good transport system with plenty of taxis and buses. The surrounding areas are relatively flat and many visitors opt to use bikes when touring the city. What the city lacks in buzz and hype, boisterous crowds and the partying scenes, it recoups with peace, clean air, and serene atmosphere.

To ward off boredom, you can head for a swim in one of the two nicely kept swimming pools around the city. And if swimming is not for you, you can sip a drink or watch television in your room in Dodoma Hotel, or one of the other big hotels in town. Here are the top places you can visit in Dodoma:

1 The Museum of GeoSciences

If you like rock samples and other matters geological, then pay a visit to the Museum of GeoSciences in the city. For a small fee, you can play around with archaeological artefacts. If you fail to get anything that rivets you, then visit the Geological Survey of Tanzania next to the Post Office.

2 Parliament Buildings – Bunge

Bunge is the seat of the country’s parliament and to visit the place you need to make prior arrangements. It only welcomes visitors when in session and the atmosphere during debates is quite lively. Take time to watch members speak with enthusiasm and agitated voices as they craft the country’s legislation. It is well worth a visit while in Dodoma. Be sure to bring along your passport. Photography is strictly prohibited so be warned not to bring a camera.

3 The Lion rock

A visit to Dodoma is incomplete without a visit to the Lion rock. This is an exhausting trek up a hilly footprint but once you reach the peak of the rock you get to see an unmatched and beautiful aerial view of the city.

4 Gaddafi Mosque

Opened in 2010 and built with finances from the former Libyan strongman, the pink Gaddafi Mosque is one of East Africa’s largest mosques. It can seat more than 4000 worshippers in a single session and also offers religious studies in Islam.

5 Kondoa Irangi Paintings

These paintings are a series of caves that were carved onto the side of a hill facing the plains. They’re located some 10 kilometers from Dodoma on the Dodoma Babati highway. The caves contain paintings which the Tanzania Antiquities department estimates to be 50,000 years old. The caves collectively hold between 200 and 450 of decorated rock shelters.

6 Dodoma skate park

The Dodoma skate park opened in 2011 and was constructed in collaboration with Skate Aid Bosco Africa, as a school and training centre. It covers approximately 500 sq feet and is one of the largest sports complexes in Tanzania.

7 NK Disco

NK Disco is a popular party joint for young people in Dodoma and the best time to hit the club is Friday nights. If loud music and boisterous youth put you off then visit the VETA Club for a quiet evening watching TV and sipping your favourite drink.

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