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Top things you must do in Tanzania

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Tanzania is a place of amazing opposites and beautiful extremes. Whether you are looking for the incredible wildlife, or the beauty of the peaks of the mountains, or the perfect beach getaway, you will find it here. Here are seven things that you must do if you want to properly experience all that the country has to offer.

  1. Go on Safari: If you have ever imagined or dreamt of yourself on safari, this is the opportunity. There are two of the most sought-after destinations here in Tanzania: the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. The Serengeti is home to one of the most sought-after events to witness in any lifetime, the Great Migration. This is a yearly occurrence in which massive herds follow the rains to lush pastures. The Ngorongoro Crater is the world’s largest and most active caldera and there are amazing scenes of life to see in the crater. Whatever wild experience you have been looking for, there is no way you will not find it in these destinations.
  2. Go the Kili Route: When many people think of Mt. Kilimanjaro, they may be thinking that it is an easy stroll. If you are imagining it compared to Everest it might be, but there is an amazing climb up Kibo, which is the highest point of the mountain, it is very steep and amazing and worth the trek. There is an incredible view that will allow the climber to feel on top of the world. It is hard and there are many unknowns that can be thrown at a walker during the trek. When making the climb, it is important to ensure that you are picking a guide who has selected the right route for you / the group you join. Trekking up Kili is expensive, so you must join a group. You need to have the right guide and be in shape. There is a very high risk of getting altitude sickness if you are making a climb that you are not ready for. It is important to make sure that you are going to always focus on those positives so that you have an incredible experience and get to the top successfully.
  3. Take in the Great Migration: This is one of those events that you can see only one time in a life. There are over one million wildebeest, there are zebras, gazelles, and eland that are running across the plains. It is one of those events that you must see to believe. It depends on where you are at a time, you want to make sure that you are going to see the herds in the south, and the way that they head north. You want to head to the southern parts of the country to see them gathering in the months of April and May at the Grumeti River. Then they will cross the river in May and July and head to the northern areas in the times between July and September before they head into Kenya.
  4. Take in the Magic of Zanzibar: This is one of those places that must be experienced to truly know its beauty. The blue of the water as well as the breeze and the white sand is everything that you have dreamed of. The streets of the city of Stone Town with their history and beauty will transport you to an incredible dream. Divers also will fall in love with the area as there are some incredible dive sites. There is incredible visibility as well under the water around 30 meters and the water is bath like all year round.
  5. Find a Kanga for Your Mood: If you want to dress like a local, you must find a kanga to suit you. They are a part of every Tanzanian wardrobe and are perfect for what you are feeling in that moment. They are bright and colorful, and they are the perfect complement to your look. You will find them all over the country for buying. They speak about all the local issues as well. You might be able to find a Kanga with the face of an international leader as well.
  6. Go to Tanga: Tanga is a location that was once the administrative capital of the German settlements. It was a very important hub for many years. It is a great place to check out some history if you are tired of all the excitement of the other areas. This is a city that is full of things to do such as the caverns of the Amboni Caves and so much more. It is important to remember to leave an offering at the entrance to the pagan shrine. In addition to that, if you rent a bike you will be able to see so much you will have an amazing time.
  7. Have a Taste of Tanzania: Tanzania is one of those locations that has incredible cuisine. It is one of those places that will allow you to really find amazing tastes that you are going to love. There is so much to try here. When you drink in Tanzania it is also an incredible location with all kinds of local flavor. There are many amazing banana beers which are made with honey, and a great local drink called pombe. Gongo is something else you must try which is a local gin.


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