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Top Travel Safety Tips for 2021

Top Travel Safety Tips for 2021


COVID-19 has affected how we live and travel. It has become imperative to take safety precautions and abide by social distancing. 

According to official reports, Tanzania has only reported 509 cases currently. Tanzania opened its borders in June 2020 and has also lifted lockdown restrictions. Currently, shops, malls, transportation, and other public places are open. If you plan to travel to Tanzania any time soon, this article covers safety tips for a safe, fun, and adventurous journey. 


Travel Essentials

It is recommended to get antimalarial medication and keep insect repellents, preferably with DEET. Furthermore, the CDC recommends typhoid and hepatitis A vaccinations. Other travel essentials include sanitizers, face masks, and clothing to protect against the sun, mosquitos, and other insects.  


COVID – 19 Requirements

The government of Tanzania does not require any test. It may be a prerequisite for your airline, so make sure you check with your travel agent or airline. You will need to ascertain:

  1. The validity of the COVID-19 test (usually 48 to 72 hours)
  2. Acceptable test centres in your region

During the flight, you will be required to fill out a Health Surveillance Form and undergo a touchless temperature test upon arrival regardless of whether you have a negative COVID certificate. If you have a high temperature, you may be subjected to additional tests, including a PCR test.


Get Information

Get information about trouble spots and known high-risk zones from your travel agent or your hotel. Some known problematic areas include Arusha, Stone Town (Zanzibar), and Ngorongoro Crater. 


Travel Light

Plan your daily activities before going on tours or expeditions. Make sure to keep a bottle of fresh water, insect repellant, facemask, and sanitiser. Keep only essentials and try to keep high-value items in a safe at your hotel. Furthermore, it is recommended only to carry sufficient money to get you through your day. 


Avoid Walking at Night

To reduce the risk of any unpleasant encounters, it is essential that you get back to your hotel by nightfall. Walking out at night is not recommended. You can take a registered taxi to get you to your destination. 


Guided Tours

Tour guides have extensive knowledge about all the places that are safe for tourists. Furthermore, tour guides can help you navigate the streets and translate to make your experience better. 



The police in Tanzania will often stop tourists and make up fake charges, collecting ‘on-the-spot’ fines. It is essential to maintain a friendly and positive attitude in case a police officer pulls you over. 


Do Not Be Intimidated

Although Tanzania may sound like a dangerous place to visit, it has a lot to offer to tourists. If you follow the guidelines and stay vigilant while touring the country, you are in for an exciting adventure. Tanzania is full of wonders, scenic beauty, and exotic wildlife.

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