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Travel Guide to Pemba Island

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Pemba Island forms part of the Zanzibar Archipelago in the Republic of Tanzania and is situated about 50 km north of Unguja – generally called Zanzibar Island, which is the largest island in the Archipelago. Visitors to Pemba arrive by ferry or air, usually from Zanzibar. Although Unguja remains the primary focus of activity and attraction, Pemba still retains its charming traditional allure and identity and is quite proud of its relative isolation from the buzz and hype.

Boasting of one of Africa’s most pristine coastlines, Pemba is a world famous water sports destination with a vast array of diving spots. You don’t have to be a trained professional to hop into coral reefs that harbour thousands of exotic fish that compete with dolphins. Here’s a chance to plan diving safaris and big fishing expeditions. Whether you prefer passing the day sipping a cold drink in a pub or are a fan of adventurous activities that never seem to end, Pemba has something for you. Here’s a list of top 5 things you can do in Pemba, to make your trip a memorable experience:

Diving and snorkelling

With its extensive pristine coastline, Pemba’s greatest gift to the world is its diving and snorkelling. This is one fantastic spot to experience a wide variety of multi-coloured marine existence. Here’s a place to make amazing dives. And although the vast coral reefs can get tricky and hamper the most experienced divers, and make swimming challenging, this has not diminished the enthusiasm of the die-hard diver and snorkeler. But with plenty of diving schools nearby, this can be overcome quickly. If diving and snorkelling feature in your itinerary, then Pemba is the right place for you. If you’re a professional diver, you can have the local experts show you the ropes.

Manta Hotel, Underwater Room

Suddenly hotel accommodations featuring a glass ceiling with night-under-the stars, or glass walls under the sea offering fantastic vistas of marine life are gradually taking the safari experience to new heights. Pemba’s Manta Hotel’s own Underground Room, which was engineered in Sweden, is in a league of its own. This is one of the rooms among the hotel’s 16 rooms. This incredible floating glass cube allows visitors to get wholly immersed underwater, where thousands of fish are the only company. The underground room will enable visitors to spend endless hours, even days deep beneath a marine environment and for the fish to interact with humans as though they belong together.

The underground room is self-contained and is divided into two parts. The double wooden deck and the two-room wooden compartment. You can access the underground bedroom via a ladder that leads down below. With its comfortable double bed, it provides an extensive experience of how life goes on underwater. And for the new visitor, it calls for some bit of orientation.

Visit the Quirimbas National Park

The Quirimbas National Park in Pemba is a protected zone, and you can enjoy plenty of local flora and fauna. Experience the breeding spots for the world famous turtles and capture images of the curious creatures.

Unspoiled Deep Sea Fishing

The Pemba channel is not only the best place for unspoiled deep sea fishing in Tanzania but probably the whole of Africa. The chain boasts a reputation for Marlin catches, holding a staggering 75% of all excellent marlin records. If you’re a keen salmon fisherman, then the channel invites you for an incredible angling experience. All the deep-sea anglers, salmon fishers and fly fishermen, and even novices compete for a share of the densely populated waters, and there are professional skippers and crews from the nearby Pemba Fishing Club who do not just fish the Pemba channel, but also offer other exciting fishing options.

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