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Travel To Zanzibar This Summer With As Salaam Air

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Travel To Zanzibar This Summer With As Salaam Air

Zanzibar instantly conjures up images of a paradise with white beaches, soft sand, and stunning azure waters. But this archipelago offers the discerning visitor more than a wild coastline and beautiful sunsets. These islands provide an array of tastes, smells, and breezes which nourish your soul and leave you wanting to return. Zanzibar is undoubtedly a tropical dream destination that’s not only ideal for the ultimate escapades but also a remarkable destination from a cultural and historical perspective. Here are our top 10 reasons why you should travel to Zanzibar this summer with As Salaam Air:

1. Stunning cultural mix

Zanzibar is home to different people with a diverse cultural mix, which emerged from centuries of trade and intermarriages. Arabs, Persian, African, Indian and European influences are heavily represented in the island.

2. Great history and lifestyle

The island boasts a fascinating history and vibrant lifestyle. The smaller islands have been inhabited for close to 20,000 years and at one time housed a major international port. Residents are full of joy and laughter even to this day.

3. Honeymoon destination

Because of its scenic and pristine beaches, the island is a significant attraction to honeymooners. There are so many beaches to choose from that visitors are spoilt for choice. To those who prefer to spend quality time romancing with their loved ones, then Zanzibar is a good option.

4. Dhow Safaris

If you enjoy an ocean excursion then Zanzibar is for you. Discover choice vantage points on the Indian Ocean on a dhow safari. The boats are made by hand and are operated by skilled and well trained professional crew.

5. Perfect weather

The archipelago boasts ideal holiday weather 10 months a year. Even when temperatures get unbearable, the cool breeze from the open Indian Ocean is ready to cool you off. The humidity is moderate throughout the year as it receives 8 hours of sunshine daily. 2 of the months, usually March and April feature the ‘big rains’, when the temperatures drop to around 25 degrees C, and the rainfall is high.

6. Nice hotels and affordable accommodation

Zanzibar is home to some pretty nice hotels, great food, and affordable housing. There are plenty of guesthouses and self-catering apartments that will suit any budget. You can also get luxury hotels, campsite resorts, and beach rentals.

7. Galleries and Museums

If you love visiting art galleries and museums, you will be glad to visit the historical galleries and museums in Zanzibar. There you will encounter bygone cultures and present lifestyle of Zanzibar. You can visit places like the Zanzibar Gallery, and the Palace Museum.

8. Cloves, coffee, and tea

Enjoy a combined brew of cloves, coffee or tea in Zanzibar. Zanzibar is the world’s top cloves producer. The best coffee in Africa comes from the slopes of Kilimanjaro and is made with different flavours in Zanzibar.

9. Outdoor eateries

Visit the Darajani Market, the largest traditional outdoor eatery in Stone Town. Here you will find vegetables, seafood, fruits, and spices. Also, venture into the Forodhani Night Food Market at the Forodhani Gardens. This is the best place to enjoy a quiet dinner and drink. Sample tasty kebabs, fried potatoes, grilled beef, salads, chapattis and many other delicious meals. The market has a carnival atmosphere, and you’ll greatly enjoy yourself.

10. Magical nightlife

Stone Town, which is Zanzibar’s town centre, offers the best nightlife. Discover your favorite bars and clubs at Jambiani, and Paje as well as these are among the most popular watering holes for tourists and locals alike.

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