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View of Nungwi Beaches

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If you’ve had enough of Stone Town and rest of the loud activities that the city has to offer, then it’s time to head to Nungwi beach to the north of Zanzibar. Nungwi, boasting both a party scene and a retreat is a recent arrival to the islands’ tourist scene and offers everything any holiday seeker is looking for. Families, as well as those seeking peace, can retreat to one of Nungwi’s hotels at the outskirts of the village, while those seeking water sports and partying can stay directly at the beach.

The beach provides action, relaxation, peace, and celebration at the same time.

Traditional dhow making, is an industry that once dominated Nungwi. But today it has become a vibrant tourist destination thanks partly due to the myriad water sports, marine activities and stunning sunsets.

Hotels of many styles, predominantly local island style dominated, now straddle the coastline and offer water sporting excursions that compete with fishing boats that still launch from the beach in a scene that has not changed for centuries.

Near virgin beach

The near-perfect, near-virgin beach in Zanzibar’s Nungwi area is claimed to be one of the best on the entire East African coastline. The secret is the low tides, which reveal sparkling white sands that embrace rock pools that teem with marine life.

When it comes to identifying beaches that seem to experience summer throughout the year, then Nungwi beach appears to glow way after nightfall. The area surrounding the beach belong to a lively fishing village with the same name that hosts an assortment of bars, and restaurants popular with water sports enthusiasts, snorkelers, divers, surfers that mingle with backpackers and residents of five-star hotels and resorts.

Nungwi’s expansive coastline is welcoming to swimming and snorkelling in some of East Africa’s reef-rich waters.

Scuba diving and sea fishing in the area dominate other sports, with chances to catch kingfish, yellowfin tuna, Dorado and other enormous striped blue marlins that are abundant in the Indian Ocean. You can also get other activities on offer that includes: Sunset cruises, walking tours, parasailing and diving excursions to mention a few. There is also a stunning sunset traditional dhow safari to capture the incredible and enchanting African beach.

Jambo Square

Nungwi beach, nicknamed Jambo square, is now Zanzibar’s top tourist destination, thanks to large crowds of visitors witnessed in recent months.