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Vumawimbi Beach in Pemba Island

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We all daydream as we sit at our desks every day. We look up at the grey cloudy sky and imagine what it would be like to get away. What do you picture when you think of the ultimate vacation? Some people think about the secluded, chilly mountains, others the busy, bustling city… but lots of daydreamers think about warm, sunny beaches and the crystal-clear water of the ocean. If you’re one of those beach dreamers, keep reading – we’ve gathered some information on a unique, secluded beach you may want to check out when making your next travel plans.

Vumawimbi Beach in Pemba Island is hard to pronounce but easy to fall in love with. The smooth sand and bright blue water would attract anyone looking to escape a hectic life. But what makes Vumawimbi stand out from other nice beaches around the world?

Located in Tanzania, on the eastern coast of the African continent, Vumawimbi Beach is on the western side of Pemba Island. Check out any pictures of this place on the internet and you’ll be packing your bags in no time. Reviews of the island are full of satisfied vacationers longing to return to the beach paradise.

As far as climate is concerned, the island is close to the equator, so the temperatures are relatively stable year-round.Travel pages for the beach say that its weather stays consistent, so you don’t have to worry much about the cold or precipitation spoiling your trip. If you’re a fan of sunshine and refreshing waves tickling your toes without too many people around, this beach was made for you.

The biggest commonality among reviewers of this beach is the fact that they believed it to be very personal and private.They did not have to search long to find a place to spend an afternoon because the beaches were clear. They did recommend, though, that you bring any food and water you plan to consume in a cooler or something because there are few resources for those things once you get to the actual beach. There are a few places to stay as far as lodging goes, but again, not many.

Sand is light on this beach and the water is clear because of the few people who visit here. Jellyfish and fishermen can be plentiful, depending on the time of the year and the day of the week. Be aware of tides and ask the friendly locals around if you have questions about the best parts of the beaches.

As was mentioned previously, the island is mostly secluded, so do not expect big city tourist attractions or many amenities on the beaches. Some people are disappointed when they do not see fancy restaurants and countless hotels/tourist attractions lining the coast -but this is a place for calm and relaxation away from the stresses of the modern world.