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What To Buy In Tanzania – Updated 2022

Tanzania is one of the most amazing tourist locations in the world. Here, visitors can have the time of their lives as they explore lush green forests, vast safari parks, rocky mountains, lively cities, and pristine beaches. During a vacation, travelers can find many things that they would like to buy and keep as souvenirs and reminders of their trip. Here are some of the best things one can buy in Tanzania during a trip here in 2022!


  1. Spices

Tanzania is home to many spice farms and plantations. Tourists can explore these farms and taste the different types of spices, which include cumin, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, ginger, pepper, turmeric, and cardamom.


  1. Shuka

shuka is a large shawl made with different coloured squares. Usually worn by the Maasai people, it has a rich history as it was introduced to the region when the first English colonizers arrived, and used Scottish fabrics as hard currency with the Maasai. This traditional shawl is a Maasai symbol now.


  1. Tinga Tinga paintings

Tinga tinga paintings are a form of art that was established by Edward Tingatinga in 1968. The paintings show the wildlife of the Serengeti so they are the perfect souvenir for visitors, and can also be given as gifts.


  1. Bead Jewelry

Tourists can also buy beautiful bead jewelry made with colorful beads. They can visit Kazuri Factory where local women are involved in bead making.


  1. Coffee

Tanzania is home to stunning coffee plantations which play an integral role in the economy of the Country, as they are the largest exporters of coffee in the world. Bourbon, Kent, and the Blue mountain are some of the best types of coffee that tourists buy in regions such as Arusha in Tanzania.


  1. Carvings

Wood carvings are among the many types of local arts and crafts. Visitors can go to Mwenge WoodCarvers’ Market where they can buy carvings and other handmade crafts. They can also watch as artists engage in crafts such as carvings, basket making, weaving, pottery, and bead making.


  1. Kangas

Kangas are sarong-like pieces of cloth with Swahili messages of love embedded at them. These are available at local markets across the country. The ones worn by Maasai women are called Kikois, while men wear Kangas.


  1. Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a stunning gemstone that tourists can buy from Tanzania. It is mined in Arusha so it can be bought at cheaper prices there. The blue violet gemstone is semi precious, and can be found only in Tanzania. If tourists are worried about authenticity, they can visit a reputable shop and ask the jeweler to provide an internationally recognized gem certificate. One can also go to a museum in Arusha to enjoy The Tanzanite Experience which includes a visual tour of the mining, cutting, polishing and grading of the rare gemstone.