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What to Expect When You Arrive in Tanzania – Guide by As Salaam Air

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Deplaning in any foreign country can be confusing, but it can be very difficult if it is one’s first time there. Here are the top 10 things to expect when arriving in Tanzania.

  1. Have Your Passport Ready and Ticket Ready: Any time a traveler arrives in a foreign country there is going to be a process of passing through customs. It will be important to have your ticket ready as well as a copy of your passport so that you can fill out all your paperwork before deplaning. That way when you step off the plane you will be able to hand it to the local official for clearance.
  2. Have a Copy of Your Itinerary: International travelers also will need to declare their reason for entry into the country as well as where they are going to be staying in order to enter. It is advisable to have a printed copy of your itinerary when you arrive so that you will be able to reference it and remember all your details. In addition to that, having a copy of your itinerary leads to fewer questions typically from customs officers.
  3. Ensure Your Passport is at Least 6 Months Old: Before traveling to Tanzania, it is important to remember that you need to have a little age on your passport. A part of this is also having two pages in your passport that are blank as well next to the page that will be stamped.
  4. Have a Visa Ready to Present or Pay for One: A Tanzanian Visa is 150.00 for US Citizens and 100.00 for international citizens. If you have the time to get one in advance you can have all your paperwork ready to present when you deplane. If you do not, you can pay for one upon entry. The fee can be paid in cash, make sure that you are paying with US bills that are newer than 2004.
  5. Health Paperwork: When you enter the country, you will be asked about your vaccinations. Ensure that you have your Yellow Fever vaccination certificate as well as your certificates for other vaccinations ready to go.
  6. Know Your Baggage Will Be Inspected: Upon entry to any country, you will have all your baggage inspected. Inspections can take place by hand or by x-ray machines. Prepare to answer any questions that the customs agents may have for you. Since June 1, 2019, you are no longer permitted to travel with plastic bags in Tanzania. This means you cannot pack with them, use them or take them from the country.
  7. Forbidden Items Upon Entry: There are some items that you cannot travel with into Tanzania. Under no circumstances should you attempt to travel to Tanzania with a weapon of any kind. Also, you cannot bring in any wildlife or food product of any kind. There is careful regulation of imports to ensure that the environment is not at risk in Tanzania.
  8. Expect There May Be Extra Questions: Any time that you are entering a foreign country, there may be extra questions as well as random searches from the customs agents. Plan on complying with all the requests that the agents have in order to move the process along. The best way to minimize detainments is to ensure you have your papers in order before deplaning.
  9. Head to Customs Baggage Claim: When claiming baggage there may be additional questions about the contents of the bags and additional questions.
  10. Have Your Plans Made in Advance to Continue to Your Hotel: One of the best things to do to ensure quick travel to your hotel is to plan a van or service with your hotel in advance. This way you will know that you can get there quickly and affordably.