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Where to Go in East Africa in February

Home to some of the exciting and fascinating locations in the world, East Africa is the perfect tourist destination. It offers a rich heritage, scenic destinations, beautiful history, delicious cuisine, diverse culture, friendly locals, spectacular wildlife, exciting activities, and excellent facilities such as comfortable and luxurious accommodation. In February, the weather is pleasant, and as it is not the high season, visitors can get cheap flights, accommodation, and bookings, and tourist spots are not crowded. Here are some of the top locations that tourists can go to in February:


  1. The Serengeti

Visit Serengeti National Park to witness the peak of the calving season. In the Southern plains, over half a million wildebeest are born, tourists can see the babies! This time is good for game viewing as predator attacks are common at this time. At this time, tourists can see leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, and lions. As there is a chance of rainfall, there are less guests, and facilities such as camps and tours are cheaper and more secluded. February is ideal, because the rainfall does not interrupt safaris or game drives as it does not go on for long and is not very heavy. During safaris, tourists can spot zebras, giraffes, elephants, and gazelles.


  1. Ndutu plains

In the Ndutu plains, wildebeests, zebras and other migratory animals give birth to their offspring. Tourists might be able to spot a wildebeest birth, which is a rare and unique sight! Around 8000 baby wildebeests are born each day, as well as thousands of zebras and gazelles. The herds do not migrate right after the births, so visitors can see the spectacular sight of huge numbers of wildebeests. They can be spotted near Lakes Ndutu, Matiti Hill, Naabi Hill, the Gol kopjes to the east, and Olduvai Gorge.


  1. Mount Kilimanjaro

February is a good time to visit Mount Kilimanjaro for a hiking trip. The slopes are dry, and the route is not very busy or crowded, so the experience is more tranquil and private. After climbing up to the higher altitudes, tourists may find snow.


  1. Zanzibar

The dry season at Zanzibar is perfect for a relaxing beach vacation, away from the crowds. Visitors can attend the Zanzibar International film festival, or ‘Festival of the Dhow Countries’, where they can attend screenings, workshops, or discussion panels, and enjoy art displays, or the Sauti za Busara Music Festival at Stone Town.


  1. Rift Valley

The Rift Valley receives very little rainfall, so February is the perfect time to explore the region, visiting the scenic Lake Naivasha, the cliffs of Hell’s Gate, Lake Elmenteita, or the beautiful Lake Nakuru National Park. Tourists can spot magnificent wildlife including rhinos, and enjoy bird watching as the region is home to migratory birds from North Africa and Europe who are moving south. Tourists can spot flamingoes, lilac-breasted rollers, vultures, ostriches, willow warblers, swallows, and wheatears.


  1. Samburu & Maasai Mara

The Maasai Mara and Samburu National Reserve are ideal, as the weather is perfect, game viewing is ideal, and tourists can spot amazing wildlife such as oryx, lion, ostrich, elephant, antelope, leopard, Grevy’s zebra, and giraffe. Many lodges have pools that allow visitors to cool off in the warmth. Tourists can meet local tribes, or explore the region in a unique way through camelback safaris! Because there aren’t many tourists in the region, this is a good time for cultural tours to Maasai tribal villages where visitors can interact with locals, join in with their traditions, listen to folk stories, enjoy their food, and support their economy.


  1. Mafia Island

The month of February brings the end of whale Shark Season in Mafia Island. At this pristine island, visitors can have the extraordinary experience of swimming, snorkelling, or diving in the crystalline waters, surrounded by colorful flora and fauna, including the large, breathtaking whale shark. Swimming with these beautiful creatures is a safe excursion, and an exciting experience that no one should miss!