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Why you should travel to East Africa in 2022


In 2022, travel lovers can explore the world without the restrictions that have been in place for the last two years. One of the best locations that should be on every traveller’s wish list is East Africa. Here are some of the main reasons why everyone should travel to East Africa in 2022!

  • Rich History and Heritage

East Africa has a beautiful and rich history, as the region has been under colonial rule and Arab rule, and now has a unique fusion of these cultural influences. In Stone Town in Zanzibar, tourists can visit the Old Fort that was built by the Omani Arabs against the Portuguese. At Kigoma, tourists can find buildings from the region’s colonial era under the Germans. At Prison Island, visitors can learn about East Africa’s slave trade. Tourists can visit Kilwa Kisiwani to explore the ruins of a 9th century medieval trade city. Here, they can see the Great Mosque which is the largest coral stone mosque in the region, and was built in the 11th-13th century! In Kenya, one can visit the coastal town of Mombasa to see the old Swahili architecture.

  • Mouthwatering Cuisine

Tourists can enjoy delicious and mouthwatering local dishes in East Africa, as the cuisine is influenced by Turkish, Arabic, Indian, Portuguese, African, and Swahili tastes. The food is flavored with spices such as cumin, pepper, turmeric, vanilla, nutmeg, lemongrass, cinnamon, and cardamom, which gives it a unique and unforgettable taste. Some popular local dishes include Nyama Choma, Mshikaki, Mandazi, biryani, Zanzibar Pizza, and Ugali. 


  • Spectacular Wildlife

Wildlife viewing and game viewing is excellent in East Africa, as the region is home to amazing wild animals such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, gazelles, antelopes, zebras, waterbucks, elands, impalas, wild dogs, colobus monkeys, apes, baboons, elephants, cape buffaloes, hyenas, rhinos, hippos, wildebeests, gorillas, crocodiles, warthogs, mongooses, and reedbucks.

  • Adventurous Safaris

East Africa is home to exciting and beautiful safari parks where tourists can enjoy walking tours, game drives, cycling tours, and camping. At Volcanoes National Park in Uganda and Rwanda, travellers can enjoy gorilla trekking, where they climb up the slopes to observe gorillas and primates in their natural habitat. At Nairobi National Park, tourists can enjoy wildlife viewing and game drives. Arusha National Park and Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania are ideal for wildlife viewing as they are home to exotic birds such as herons, woodpeckers, flamingos, kingfishers, egrets, ibises, hornbills, geese, crowned eagles, bee-eaters, and weavers. At Serengeti National Park, tourists can view the wildlife and the vast landscape in a unique way, by going on a hot air balloon safari, which offers an aerial view of the region. Mount Kenya National Park is another great spot for wildlife viewing. 

  • Breathtaking Beaches

Tourists can visit pristine and heavenly beaches in East Africa, where they can relax on the soft sand, and swim in the cool water. At Paje Beach, they can enjoy water sports such as kitesurfing and scuba diving. At Mnemba Atoll, they can snorkel among the colorful coral reefs and view the stunning marine life. At Kendwa Beach, tourists can join full moon parties where they can interact with local singers, dangers, acrobats, and fire-eaters. Visitors can enjoy swimming and scuba diving at serene beaches such as Diani Beach, and Nyali Beach in Mombasa. Saadani National Park is an interesting and unique beach location as it doubles as a safari park!


East Africa offers everything that a travel lover might need – good food and accommodation, amazing places to visit, friendly locals, and a rich culture and heritage to explore. In 2022, East Africa is an amazing spot to visit.