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Why You Should Visit Pemba Island

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Why You Should Visit Pemba Island

Pemba Island or Green Island as the locals call it is a superb island that is pristine in its beauty. The island does not have as many visitors as Unguja or other islands but there are many others who swear by the island and keep coming back for more. Pemba is just 120 kilometres away from Unguja and you can reach the island by flight within 30 minutes.

There are many reasons why you should visit Pemba Island but the most important reason to visit is to spend quality time with your loved one. It is a top honeymoon destination and if you are looking for a romantic escapade then there is nothing like Pemba Island in this whole world. The ideal time to visit Pemba is from June to October as the weather would be perfect, even December to February is fine.

Another good reason to visit Pemba is to watch the birds. If you are an avid bird watcher you will love the island as there are believed to be more than 200 bird species that inhabit the island. These birds are both indigenous to the island and some are migratory birds which can be seen only during particular times of the year. The scops owl is one of the birds that bird watchers come to visit and you can also spotting the black heron. If you are an early riser you can view many birds in the island.

Another very good reason to Visit Pemba is to dive and snorkel.

If you are a diver and love to snorkel then Pemba is a great place and you will love it as there are many sites close to Pemba which are
considered to be great spots for snorkelling and diving. If you are not a diver or snorkeler you need not be disheartened as you can learn to do both. There are many coaches available in the resorts that are there in Pemba. A good coach will help a beginner to dive and snorkel and enjoy the experience.

There are many wonderful diving spots like:

 Fundi Gap: One of the best places to dive with depths ranging from 5 to 40 meters. You can watch a lot of corals and fishes like barracuda in the waters here.

 Swiss Reef: There are three diving sites here and they range from a few meters to a hundred meters. However, this place is for only divers who have a lot of experience.

 Shimba Hills: This has two diving sites and they are around 12 meters deep. This is a great place for all newbies who are learning to dive and snorkel.

 Scorpions Secret: This is a wonderful diving site with clear waters and visibility is great here. It is an ideal location for all new divers and for people who want to dive in the night time.

 House Reef: It is just 5 meters deep with great visibility. It is an ideal place for newbie divers and snorkelers. You can come across octopus and squids here.