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Zanzibar Travel Guide

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Zanzibar is one of Africa’s the top tourist destinations, not just in East Africa. People who travel to Tanzania for a safari expedition usually finish their journey by resting and recuperating in Zanzibar. Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous region in Tanzania and is an archipelago. There are many islands that constitute Zanzibar but the main island known as Unguja is often referred to as Zanzibar Island. When you are touring Zanzibar you should not miss the following places: Stone Town – Stone Town is the place which will enthral you. The town is old and you can find the wonderful Swahili architecture, and now world famous ornate doors, of those times in the doorways and houses. Stone Town is also famous as the place where Freddie Mercury, lead singer of rock band Queen, was born. You should visit the Forodhani Gardens while in the town. And do not forget to gorge on the unique Zanzibar pizza. Nungwi Beach – If you like to relax in the beach in quiet and solitude then Nungwi beach is the place to go to. The village is small but you get some good food. The white sandy beaches attract people to this place.
Prison Island – This island once upon a time used to house slaves. Slaves used to be kept in this island till it was decided where to send them. After the abolition of slavery the island was still like a prison as it housed people with deadly diseases. People with such diseases were quarantined in the island. The island has been converted now into a nature reserve for tortoises and you can view many of them here. The prison though is in ruins and if you like exploring ruins then you will enjoy your time here.

Spice Tour – Zanzibar has been a port for spice since ages. Spices from India would pass through Zanzibar. Now spices are grown in Zanzibar and there are spice tours that are organized here. You will be taken to a spice farm and you will learn how spices are grown and harvested. The best part about the tour is the food that they offer at the end of the tour that is made using spices that have been grown in the farm; it is a really sumptuous fare.

Jozani Forest – A forest that is famous for being the habitat of the red colobus monkey, Jozani forest is a must visit for all nature lovers. The trees and ferns are home to many birds too and if you like bird-watching get your binoculars and be prepared to sight many species of birds.

Palace Museum – The residence of the Sultan is now known as the Palace Museum. The exhibits include the things that the Sultan had and you can see how a Sultan used to live in those days. It is in Stone Town and is also one of its oldest buildings.

House of Wonders – If you like visiting exhibitions then this is the place to go to. You can easily find it as it is the tallest building in Zanzibar. If you want to know about Zanzibar’s culture a visit to the House of Wonders is a must.